The Suit of Clubs in Love Readings

Have you ever had a burning love question on your mind, so you throw down some cards, and every darn one of them is a Club? You ask yourself, “what can all of these Clubs possibly mean in a love reading?”

Actually, the suit of Clubs can be good news in a love reading. The Clubs represent the influences that contribute to a strong relationship: communication, social interactions, growth, participation, service, setting goals, action, compromise, understanding, and effort.

Yes, too many Clubs in a love reading with no Hearts can be bad news. The lack of Hearts show a lack of passion. Where is the love? Without the Heart cards to show intimacy and emotional attachment, a predominance of Clubs can refer more to friendship than to romance.

On the other hand, too many Hearts can reveal boredom and laziness in a love reading, and Clubs can add the spice necessary to keep the relationship growing strong. Let’s take a look at how the Clubs can liven up a relationship reading.

Ace of Clubs

In a love reading, the Ace of Clubs will often refer to goals and intentions. It is about taking that first step toward manifesting what we want in our relationship. It’s also about setting patterns, and laying the groundwork for future growth. When you’re confused about how he or she “feels” about the relationship, look to the Ace of Clubs for a clue about your partner’s expectations on a practical level.

Two of Clubs

The 2 of Clubs is all about benefits. It can highlight the pay out you or your partner get from the relationship. With Diamond, the primary benefits could be financial, or even sexual, depending on the specific cards. Spades can warn of a disappointing return on invested time and emotion. But care is needed when interpreting the 2 of Clubs in a love reading because it is also a card of friendships and platonic relationships. If this card shows up without any hearts to show deeper feelings, your crush may be more interested in friendship than true love. Finally, the 2 of Clubs can also represent a gift. It’s been known on more than one occasion to spoil the surprise.

Three of Clubs

The 3 of Clubs describes growth and opportunity. In a love reading, look to the card that follows the 3 of Clubs for insight about where the relationship is headed. The 10 of Hearts would promise wedding bells in the future. The 5 of Spades would show a relationship veering dangerously toward the rocks.

Four of Clubs

In a love reading, the 4 of Clubs can indicate a willingness to compromise. The 4 is about empathy and understanding other people’s point of view. It can show where there is a need for compromise or the need to consider the partner’s side in a discussion or disagreement. The 4 of Clubs is also a primary communications card. If you’re waiting for that special someone to call, this card will confirm contact. Since this card can also represent travel by car, it may predict a romantic outing. Care must be used when interpreting this card in a love spread.

Five of Clubs

The 5 of Clubs is a card of change and good luck. It can show how your feelings of self-worth are affecting your relationship. When accompanied by Spades this card can warn of codependency issues. If surrounded by red cards, the 5 of Clubs will denote a healthy self-sufficiency experienced by each partner in the relationship while they interact as a loving unit.

Six of Clubs

The 6 of Clubs is a major communication card, and communication is a major facet to any healthy relationship. Look to the 6 of Clubs to identify any problems in how you commune with your partner. There is also a sense of taking responsibility with this card. Are both partners fulfilling their responsibilities to each other and to the relationship? The 6 of Clubs can show you.

Seven of Clubs

In love readings, the 7 of Clubs can be tricky to interpret. First, it can denote a need for discussions. If surrounded by Spades, this card can denote arguments and a difficult patch in the relationship. It is always about evaluating and deciding whether to stick it out or ditch the relationship. When accompanied by Hearts, this card can show that you’re really trying to make things work. It can indicate fixing whatever is broken or not working in the relationship.

Eight of Clubs

The 8 of Clubs is predominantly a work card. Like the 7 of Clubs it can show working on things, but it can also reveal if your job is causing problems in your relationship. The 8 of Clubs is also another communication card, but it can also represent your routine. When followed by Spades the 8 of Clubs can warn you that your relationship is in a rut.

Nine of Clubs

The 9 of Clubs is another tricky card to interpret in a love reading. On the one hand it represents progress and forward movement, but it also a card of distance. Has he or she been acting distant lately? The 9 of Clubs can show you why. When surrounded by positive cards, the 9 of Clubs can indicate a long-distance relationship. But let’s not forget that all of the Clubs still carry their primary meanings even in a love reading. The 9 of Clubs may simply show a chance to get away to revitalize the relationship.

Ten of Clubs

The 10 of Clubs is another journey card. Like the 9 of Clubs, it can reveal a romantic getaway, or it can highlight a long-distance relationship. Whereas the 9 of Clubs might show an emotional distance, the 10 of Clubs is almost always about a physical distance.

The Club Court Cards

If your love interest shows up in the reading as a Club Court Card, there’s a good chance his or her primary interest is not true love— unless of course he or she is surrounded by Hearts. Otherwise, look to the surrounding cards to identify this person’s true motivations. Diamonds may describe a gold digger, or they might also describe someone whose primary interest is in sex. Beware of surrounding Spades. They can show an ulterior motive not aligned with the querent’s best interests.

The Clubs can reveal the cement that holds a relationship together. Is the relationship built on a strong foundation, or is it weak and crumbling? That is message of the suit of Clubs in a love reading.


Fun with Cartomancy Combinations: Business Places

Let’s have some fun with cartomancy combinations! When I think about times I have most impressed a querent in a reading, it is when I was able to identify their place of work or business without them saying a word. The first time this happened to me I was reading for a young woman who worked as a hair stylist. At the center of her spread I saw the Ace of Clubs with the 3 of Hearts. I blurted out, “I see a beauty salon, you’re a hairdresser!” I will never forget her shocked expression. Actually, I was just as shocked as she was. These moments don’t happen in every reading, but when they do they confirm the magic of the playing cards, and never fail to thrill me.

The Ace of Clubs can represent a large building or place of business. The 10 of Clubs can also represent a place of business. The difference between the two cards can be subtle. In most cases, the Ace of Clubs will denote a large building or an institution or place where customers go to be served. The 10 of Clubs will usually represent a place where merchandise is sold. The Ace of Hearts will also sometimes represent a place of business such as a private practice. The best way to explain the differences is to show some examples…

If you need help with working out the combinations, please check out my lists of cartomancy card meanings.

3 of Hearts = beauty
Ace of Clubs + 3 of Hearts = beauty salon
10 of Clubs + 3 of Hearts = beauty supply store, beauty industry
Ace of Hearts + 3 of Hearts = interior designer, cosmetics, home vanity

6 of Clubs = book
Ace of Clubs + 6 of Clubs = library or publishing company, or factory
10 of Clubs + 6 of Clubs = bookstore
Ace of Hearts + 6 of Clubs = home library

4 of Clubs = car or a telephone call
Ace of Clubs + 4 of Clubs = car parking garage, or the telephone company
10 of Clubs + 4 of Clubs = car dealership, or phone store
Ace of Hearts + 4 of Clubs = landline phone

8 of Spades = doctor or ill health
Ace of Clubs + 8 of Spades = hospital
10 of Clubs + 8 of Spades = medical supply store
Ace of Hearts + 8 of Spades = doctor’s office or dentist’s office.

2 of Diamonds = food
Ace of Clubs + 2 of Diamonds = restaurant
10 of Clubs + 2 of Diamonds = grocery store
Ace of Hearts + 2 of Diamonds = kitchen

7 of Spades = liquor, drugs or medicine
Ace of Clubs + 7 of Spades = bar/nightclub or factory distillery or winery, pharmaceutical company
10 of Clubs + 7 of Spades = liquor store, drug store/pharmacy
Ace of Hearts + 7 Spades = home liquor cabinet, medicine cabinet

Ace of Clubs + 10 of Clubs = large corporation
Ace of Hearts + 10 of Clubs = family business
Ace of Clubs + Ace of Hearts = apartment building/complex

These are just a few of the combinations possible. Please keep in mind that many of these combinations have alternate meanings which will depend on context and surrounding cards. For example, the 10 of Clubs + 6 of Clubs can also represent a pool, or the act of swimming. The Ace of Hearts + 3 of Hearts can indicate redecorating the home. Your intuition will help you hone in on the right interpretation, and you’ll often find that multiple interpretations will be valid and meaningful for the querent.

See if you can work out your own places of business based on the list of cartomancy card meanings. Feel free to post your combination(s) in the comment section below, and I will be happy to offer comments and/or suggestions. Alternately, you can post on my Art of Cartomancy Facebook page. I’m going to post a link there to this blog article.

The Jack of Spades

The Jack of Spades (JS) is a skillful, clever young man. In some of the older cartomancy meanings he represents an unsettled, erratic, emotionally inconsistent young man; or simply the thoughts of the Queen or King of Spades. Although Jacks can represent young people of either sex, the Jack of Spades is most often read as a young male.

In coloring, the Suit of Spades is considered the darkest of the deck, and represents people with dark brown to black hair, and dark brown eyes.

Traditional meanings associated with the Jack of Spades:

Positive Aspects:

  • A dark-haired, dark-complected youth
  • A youth from a foreign country
  • A youth in uniform; soldier or cadet
  • Skillful, clever youth 
  • An intellectual youth; math whiz
  • Young leader; knows how to take charge

Negative Aspects:

  • A youth in trouble
  • A gang leader
  • Juvenile delinquent; the bad kid at school
  • Cold and calculating youth
  • Gossiping, spying youth
  • Inconsistent, erratic, emotionally immature youth
  • Emotionally controlled and detached

Of course the meaning you choose for this card will depend on the surrounding cards as well as a good dose of your own intuition. 

Some combinations with the JS:

JH/JS: The querent’s son or brother or boyfriend is in the military or is a rookie police officer.

Two Jacks:
Quarrel or court case pending (especially with 5D)

Three Jacks:
Boys night out

Four Jacks:
Boys school, boy scouts, organization consisting of all young men

Modern Meanings for the Jack of Spades:

In modern Cartomancy, the Jack of Spades can represent watching and surveillance, in all of its many forms. This is based on the card’s traditional meaning as The Spiteful Spy.

JS + 8D = watching something or someone carefully

JS + 8D +6C = watching TV

JS + 8S = a private investigator 

JS + 10S = a stalker

JS + 8C = a security officer

JS + AH = a home security/surveillance system

AC + JS + 8S = the FBI

AC + JS + 10S = the CIA

8 of Diamonds


The Diamond suit is considered positive for the most part, but there are several Diamond cards that can show restriction and limitation. The 8 of Diamonds (8D) is one such card because it combines the balance of the number eight with the restless, unpredictable energy of the Diamond suit. The result is a card of caution that can reveal the need to strive for balance particularly in financial matters.

When the 8 of Diamonds falls with other cards of the Diamond suit, it most often warns of financial difficulties. This card can show a shortage of funds, or the need to curtail spending and balance the household budget.  As an example, the AD + 8D can be a bank statement that shows deposits and withdrawals, or a credit card statement that shows credits and debits.  The combination 4D + 8D would indicate a depleted bank account. With the 6D, the 8D  would show putting aside money and saving for a rainy day.

The 8 of Diamonds falling with heart cards will still advise caution. It shows the need for careful planning in order to manifest your desires. In relationship readings the 8 of Diamonds will indicate an intellectual compatibility that relates more to friendship than to love or passion. When this card turns up, he’s probably more interested in your mind than your body.  The 8 of Diamonds can also indicate an ungenerous spirit, both in the financial sense and the emotional sense. The King of  hearts with the 8 of Diamonds is emotionally guarded. The King of Diamonds with the 8 of Diamonds is a cheapskate.

When the 8 of Diamonds falls with Clubs it will advise cautious actions, or reveal business budgetary concerns.  My grandmother called this card “Money Coming and Going” because it highlights the financial flow– where money is earned and where money is spent. This card can be a warning that the money is going out as fast as it comes in. The AC + 8D refers to the tax office (IRS), which saps our earnings.

Spades intensify the restrictive and cautionary qualities of the 8 of Diamonds, and will show forced or imposed limitations.  The classic combination for heavy debt is the 8D + 9S. The 9S shows a crushing obligation. The 2C (gifts) with the 8D can show disability or unemployment benefits– someone forced to live on a restricted income. The AC is usually nearby to confirm the government assistance.

In health readings the 8 of Diamonds represents the eyes and vision. For example, the 8D with the 8S (the doctor card) would show an ophthalmologist or optometrist. The 8D followed by the 4S would denote vision problems. If the 3S is nearby, you’re probably looking at eye disease.

In physical description readings the 8 of Diamonds will refer to something notable about the person’s eyes. Nine times out of ten this will simply indicate that the person wears eyeglasses.

The meaning eyes can extend to the idea of seeing, or looking, or watching. For example, the combination 8D + 3H shows watching something artistic, and will usually refer to viewing art or some kind of performance such as a play. The 8D + 6C  is a television (viewing media), and the 8D + 2D is usually a movie (the 2D is the card of fiction and imagination). The 8D with the 4C can refer to the screen on your smartphone. In a general reading the cards surrounding the 8 of Diamonds can show what the person is looking for in life.

The 8 of Diamonds is the counting card. It counts what we have, and it counts what we don’t have.  As such, it can represent numbers and mathematics.  In a career reading the 8D + 4D would show someone who is certified with numbers, or works as an accountant (CPA). The 8D + 6C is someone who balances the books, or is a bookkeeper.

In a reading for locating a lost item the 8 of Diamonds represents the pantry where food is stored. It makes perfect sense when you consider that the pantry is similar to a financial account. Food is deposited (stored) to be spent and then replenished– coming and going.

Lastly, when looking at timing the 8 of Diamonds points toward the future, and will show delays for the present. It says, “Don’t push things. Now is not the time for rash action. Now is the time for caution and careful planning, and future success is possible.”



6 of Diamonds


The 6 of Diamonds (6D) combines the connectivity of the number six with the intellectual detachment of the suit of Diamonds, and brings a general sense of restriction to a reading. As such, it can be a tricky card to interpret. Of course the best interpretation will always depend on several key factors… the context of the question, the influence of surrounding cards, and the readers intuition.

When surrounded by Hearts, the 6 of Diamonds will often indicate shyness or withdrawal. It can denote withholding something, or a lack of communication. This is particularly true for questions about love and romance. If you ask “Will he/she call?” and the 6D appears, you can be pretty sure that he/she won’t call.

With other Diamonds the 6 of Diamonds will usually show nervousness, or reveal an unsettled situation. For financial questions, this card can be similar to the Some Money card in the Gypsy Fortune Telling deck. It may indicate a small amount of money, usually less than expected or less that what you need. This card can also show a small or moderate success, particularly when it shows up as the outcome of the matter. The end result may not meet your grand expectations, but the outcome could be a lot worse.

When falling with clubs, the 6 of Diamonds can indicate technology and electronic communication. This is the “computer” card, and can represent any electronic or digital device. The standard combination that represents a computer is the 6D + 6C. Specifically, the 6C represents “information or a book,” so the combination indicates “an electronic book.” If the 8C (the work card) is nearby you’re looking at a programmer, or someone who works in information technology.

This card also covers the sciences and social services. For example, the 6D + 3H = occult science or religious science. The 3H is a mystical card that represents the Holy Trinity; and mind, body, spirit.  The 6D+ 9D = psychic sciences (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.), and the 6D + 8D = mathematics.

When the 6 of Diamonds is beset by Spades, it can turn ugly and reveal jealousy and possessiveness at worst, or stubbornness and unresponsiveness at best.  The 6D + 2S is the classic combination for jealousy because the 2S adds anger and vindictiveness to the mix.

In health questions the 6 of Diamonds represents the nervous system. With the 2D it can indicate a nervous stomach. If Spades are nearby, particularly the 4 or 8 of Spades, it is probably a stomach ulcer. The 6D, as the technology card, can also represent diagnostic equipment in a health reading.

When appearing next to a court card it can describe that person as timid or shy. It may also reveal a techie or science guy/gal. Beware when the 6 of Diamond falls with the King of Spade. He can be very jealous and possessive. If other Spades are near, he can turn violent and dangerous.

As you can see, the 6 of Diamonds brings restriction or limitation to a reading. It also represents everything related to science and technology. Therefore this card carries many meanings, and requires careful consideration to ensure the best or most appropriate interpretation in a reading.