Timing a Prediction in a Cartomancy Reading

The accurate timing of events in a reading can be tricky because time as such does not exist on the inner planes, and the outcome of any situation may be influenced by freewill as expressed by a multitude of factors including the choices, decision, actions (or even non-actions) of the querent. Despite these various influences, the cards will often provide hints to when a prediction may materialize, and there are different methods for determining the timing of events in a cartomancy reading.

The Astrological Timing Method

One method I have found to be fairly reliable is to use astrological correspondences for the card suits. In this system, each suit is assigned to one of the four elements: fire, water, air or earth. In turn, the elements are linked to signs of the zodiac. So if we assign the element of water to the suit of Hearts, the Heart cards will represent the water signs of the zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Thereby, a predominance of cards of the suit of hearts in a reading will indicate a time frame based on one of the water zodiac signs, usually the next in the natural order of progression. For example, a predominance of Hearts in a reading done today on March 29th would suggest a time frame of late June or early July, which is when we enter the next water sign: Cancer.

My Timing Method

My preferred method is to use each playing card suit to represent a specific measure of time ranging from fastest to slowest. For example, Diamonds symbolically represent energy and electricity, and would therefore denote the fastest time frame. Spades represent delays, and are generally slow-moving, so Spades represent the slowest time frame. Here is a breakdown of each suit in reference to timing:

Suit Symbolism Time Frame Time Measurement
Diamonds Speed, energy, thought Fastest time frame Minutes or hours
Clubs Action, activity, progress Fast time frame Hours or days
Hearts Peace, calm, relaxation Slow time frame Days or weeks
Spades Obstacles, setbacks, delays Slowest time frame Weeks, Months or Years

In a card layout, the combination of the suits will offer a clue as to the timing of an event predicted in the cards. It’s not an exact science, but the ratio of card suits will allow for estimation that I have found to be quite accurate.

Specific Guidelines

  • This timing system works best with a row of cards—at least three cards, but no more than five cards.
  • I ask the cards specifically, “When will “X” happen.” For example, “When will the package arrive?”
  • Diamonds have the weakest influence, and Spades exert the strongest influence on timing. Clubs and Hearts are both moderate influences. For example, if you have a spread with 4 cards from the Diamond suit, and one card from the suit of Spades, the timing would weeks. If you had 4 Hearts or Clubs and one Spade, the timing would be months.
  • The Court cards may denote a specific measurement of time, or they may also indicate that the timing is dependent on the particular person represented by the card—very often the querent him or herself.
  •  The cards themselves can be interpreted to provide more information regarding the event in question.
  •  If the timing shows an extreme amount of time such as 10 or more years, I look to the cards to see if they predict a positive outcome. If yes, then the answer is “it will take a year or more.” If no, then the answer is “never.”
  • The final card in a row of cards is the outcome card, and will bear the strongest influence on timing.


Now we will illustrate the process with an example. Let’s say you have the following row of 5 cards that predict a specific event, and you want to know when the event will materialize.

KC + 2H + 6D + 7H + 8C

Here we are concerned only with the timing. The final card, which represents the outcome of the reading, will carry more weight than the preceding cards in determining the timing. In this case we find a Club ending the row. The Club represents a fast time frame of hours or days. Now we look to the other cards to help us determine if the Club represents hours or days. The additional Club (King of Clubs) in the reading supports the idea of hours or days, but the two cards of the Heart suit extend the timing to days or weeks. As an average, it would seem that days would be the best answer, although the one card of the Diamond suit (6 of Diamonds) would bring a small burst of speed. My feeling is that the 8 days suggested by the 8 of Clubs could be shortened to 7 days based on that Diamond, giving me the final answer that the event will materialize within one week.

An Actual Reading

To further illustrate this method of timing, let’s take a look at an actual reading that I did recently for a client who wanted to know when she would receive her tax refund. She had submitted the tax return forms via an online program more than a month previously, and the request has been in pending status ever since.

The reading was given on March 25, 2014.
Question: When will I receive my tax refund?

10D + 9H + 7C + 4C + 3H

First we’ll do a breakdown of the general message in the cards. The 10 of Diamonds represents a goodly sum of money, and the 9 of Hearts is the wish card. The client wishes for her tax refund, which will be a several thousand dollars. So we can see immediately that the cards are accurately tuned in to our question.

The 7 of Clubs represents an evaluation, and the 4 of Clubs is a telephone call or a wire transfer. The client confirms that she expects the refund to be deposited directly into her checking account. The cards show that the refund has been evaluated, and the transfer is imminent. The final card (3 of Hearts) is a minor wish card which denotes happiness and satisfaction. The client will get her wish, and she will be quite pleased with the outcome.

Now let’s take a look at the combination of suits to get an idea of when the client will receive the refund. The card ending the row is from the suit of hearts, which would indicate days or weeks. We have an additional Heart (9 of Hearts) to confirm that time frame, but we also have two Club cards which will speed up the timing. Rather than weeks, the Clubs suggest days. The three as the final card would suggest 3 days, but that one card of the Diamond suit will speed up the time frame just a bit more, likely affecting the number days only since the influence of Diamonds is weak. From these cards I predicted that that the refund will show up in the client’s bank account within the next two days.

The client called me back the following morning to let me know that the cards were right; her refund was deposited that morning.


Daily Draw – Upsetting News

This morning for my daily draw I pulled the following three cards…


Ace of Diamonds – News, a letter

10 of Spades – Worry, difficulties, fear

Ace of Clubs – Document, papers to be signed

I believe this morning’s cards refer to a situation I’m already aware of regarding an upsetting letter I received on Saturday. I was given notice that when my lease expires on February 1st, my rent will go up $100 a month. In addition to the financial burden this increase will cause, I have discovered that I can find larger quarters for the same rent elsewhere in town. The problem is that moving can be costly with deposits and such, and I’m not in a financial position to make a move at the present time with the holidays just around the corner. This is something very much on my mind, so it’s not surprising that it would show up in the cards.

Update 7:04 pm

The cards are an amazing tool whose insight and accuracy are limited only by the skill of the reader. In my own defense, reading for oneself can be tricky. I was so sure at first glance what these cards meant that I didn’t bother to read the subtleties present in the spread.

The 10 of Spades can be a mystery or something hidden or an error. The double Aces confirm this idea since two of a kind always indicate the unexpected. The Ace of Diamonds was not referring to the letter I received on Saturday, but to something new, some additional news.

I called the rental agency today to ask why my rent is being increased by $100 when I’ve only been here a year, and in my opinion I’ve been an exemplary tenant.  The agent seemed confused, and assured me that they had no intention of raising my rent a penny. Apparently the amount stated in the renewal letter was an error.

It was all right there in the cards!