Cartomancy Body Connection

On the subject of health readings, it is extremely important to keep in mind that unless you are a licensed health professional it is against the law in most countries (including the US) to diagnose a health problem or prescribe a health treatment. When I am asked to pick up on a health related issue, I always advise the client that I’m willing to see what the cards show, but that cannot diagnose or prescribe. The client needs to see a health professional to discuss any health concerns.

This list of Cartomany body connections is derived from several sources including The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell, It’s Written in the Cards by Dr. Leo Louis Martello, and meanings derived from my own experiences working with the cards.

These meanings have proven time and again to be accurate in my own readings:

Diamonds = Nervous system, sensory, energy
♠ Spades = Bones, elimination
♣ Clubs = Muscles, glandular system
Hearts = Circulation, reproduction

Skin = A ♣
Head/brain = 9
Nervous system = 6
Ears/hearing = 7
Eyes/vision = 8
Mouth/throat = 5
Teeth = 2 ♠
Neck/shoulders = 3 ♠
Lungs/chest = 10
Heart = 9 ♥
Circulatory system = 10
Blood = 3
Genitals 2
Breasts = 5 (sometimes 2)
Arms/elbows = 5 ♣
Hands = 6 ♣
Left hand = 5 ♠
Right hand = 5
Stomach = 2
Reproductive system = 4 ♥
Kidneys/bladder = 10 ♣
Digestive tract = 10 ♠
Lower back/colon = 6 ♠
Knee/ankle = 5 ♠
Liver 4 ♠
Legs = 2 ♣
Feet = 7 ♣

Other Health Related Card meanings:

A ♠ = mental, psychological problems
2 ♠ = dental
3 ♠ = disease, test, x-ray
4 ♠ = illness, exhaustion, depression, need for rest
5 ♠ = medical procedure/surgery
8 ♠ = seeing a doctor
7 ♠ = relapse, need for caution, slow recovery
9 ♠ = stress, deterioration, age-related illness
A ♣ = hospital
5 ♣ = walking, activity
6 ♣ = exercise
A = diagnosis, prescription
2 = diet, food
3 = laziness, not taking care of oneself.
4 = medical bill, insurance papers
5 = speech
6 = nervousness
7 = hearing
8 = vision
9 = energy work, Reiki
10 = breathing, respiratory problem, allergy

Sample health reading

The client is a middle-aged woman who is complaining about pain in her legs. She had been to see her doctor and a series of tests and exams showed nothing significantly wrong. The woman refused to accept the suggestion that the problem could be psychological.

Question: “What is the cause of the pain in my legs?”


6♣ 10♥ 5♣
9♠ 4♠ 7♦

The first column shows that up to this point there has been some muscle deterioration, and a general lack of exercise.

The middle column answers the question and shows a problem with slow blood circulation. The medical tests did not show any blockages, but it seems that the client’s sedentary lifestyle is the cause of the discomfort she is experiencing.

The final column provides additional information not yet considered. It shows that a bit more activity will improve the situation greatly. The 7 as the pivot card confirms that there is nothing seriously wrong, and advises that the client needs to begin expending some energy if she wants to improve her health condition.


15 thoughts on “Cartomancy Body Connection

  1. HI,

    I was wondering if there is any further information on card associations to medical issues etc.. Is it possible to see cancer in a spread? I couldn’t see any associations to 6h, and what do court cards indicate?

    Thank you

    1. Howdy,
      Yes, it is possible to see cancer is a spread, but you want to be careful about predicting this dreaded disease because no reading is ever 100% accurate, and it is possible for the querent’s strong fears to influence the cards.

      The 3’s in cartomancy represent growth or a lack of growth. The 3 of Spades in particular can represent a malignant growth, and may sometimes represent a tumor in a health reading. But we must be careful because this same card will more often indicate some kind of infection. Look for the 3 of Hearts nearby, which can represent the blood, and with the 3 of Spades will almost always show some kind of infection. When the 3 of Spades is clustered with other malignant cards, such as the 2 of Spades, 5 of Spades, 9 of Spades, it may indicate cancer, but we must be very careful in making such a determination.

      With the 9 or 10 of Diamonds nearby, we are usually looking at some kind of respiratory ailment. I often see the 10 of Diamonds with the 3 of Spades as asthma in a reading, but if accompanied by a cluster of other Spades, you may be looking at lung cancer. I usually get a strong feeling of dread in my gut when such combinations appear, so make note of any physical reactions you feel when looking at the card combinations.

      I once saw a very bad combination of cards with the 3 of Spades, but my gut told me it was not so serious. It turned out to be serious infection, that may have lead to death if not treated, but my gut told me that all would be well with proper treatment. The querent was urged to seek immediate medical attention, and all turned out well.

      As for the 6 of Spades, it will usually indicate the lower back– the Spades generally cover bones and joints. But with the 10 of Spades, the 6 of Spades can refer to the lower digestive tract, namely the colon. I have seen the combination 6 of Spades with the 10 of Spades and the 3 of Spades represent colon cancer, but again you want to look for other spades to show serious upset and fear before making such a determination, and always check in with your gut feelings.

      Perhaps most importantly, unless the reading is specifically about health, I must see either the 4 of Spades or the 8 of Spades nearby before I’ll even consider reading a health concern in the cards. With out these health related cards, the 3 of Spades will almost always indicate some kind of emotional upset, or deception regardless of how many other spades surround it.

    2. Sorry, I missed addressing a couple of points in your question. First, the 6H is associated with the solar plexus. It provides the core strength of the body, and also represents the will to survive. It is always a good sign in a health reading, particularly when surrounding cards show that there is a serious condition. The 6H represents life, and the will to live. When accompanied by a cluster of diamonds, it can refer to nerve related issues, but in my experience most often it is a sign of recovery in a health reading.

      As for the court cards, I do not associate them specifically with health issues, although the King of Hearts can sometimes refer to heart issues both figuratively and literally. The King of Diamonds is often a doctor specialist or surgeon. The King of Spades is very often a surgeon as well. The combination 8 of Spades and King of Spades is the classic indication for a surgeon in the cards. He can sometimes also appear as a dentist The cards surrounding the doctor/surgeon will describe his skills and abilities, as well as his influence on the querent and the health matter. The Queen of hearts is often a nurse, and the Queen of Diamonds can be a female specialist. I have also seen the Queen of Spades represent a female surgeon. The Clubs are often general practitioners, or medical assistants. But don’t forget that sometimes a court card will represent the querent, and the particular suit may give a clue as to his or her condition or state of mind in relation to the health concern.

  2. Hi!! I follow ur blog out of all other books I’ve read. I’m trying to become better at connecting the body with cards! I had a discussion in a group over a spread I got from a friend asking if I will have a baby with my fiancé. The cards I received were 10d,2s,2h,Kh,6s shadow card was 7c so I saw it as a possible issue with the man since he came up and not me? 2h could be his genital kWh blood flow to his genitals? 2s could be a serious underlining issue.? Long story short if the 4s and 8s didn’t show up I would still read it as body connections and not issues in our realitionship right? I was getting very negative feedback and didn’t see it that way till people were saying so… that wasn’t my question so I didn’t see that as the answer? So I’m wondering do I just read this as health issues or relationship issues??

    1. Hi Shay, I’m happy to know that my blog has been helpful to you on your Cartomancy journey. The way the cards work for me, if I ask a health question I expect a health answer. The 4S and 8S will generally signal a health issue in a general reading. Your question is tricky because whether or not you have a baby with your fiancé may be dependent on the relationship as well as both of your biological capabilities to produce children.

      I don’t read shadow cards, but I am drawn to that 2H at the center of your spread. For me that is a pregnancy card, and I wonder if you chose that card specifically as your significator for the reading, or if the 2H appeared in the spread randomly. Either way, the fact that the 2S precedes, rather than follows, the 2H is a good sign. In any case, the 2S is usually a minor problem, and can often show a sense of ambivalence. I agree that the outcome rests with your fiancé

      I don’t see anything terribly negative here. It looks to me like your fiancè may not be ready to have a baby right now, and is considering the pros and cons (7C). If I had drawn this spread, I would not interpret the cards outside of the question of a possible pregnancy. In other words, I would not feel comfortable making a general prediction about your relationship from these cards.

      If I were you, to clear up any confusion, l would do a couple of follow up readings for more specific information. I would ask specifically if there are any physical problems that could interfere with you conceiving a child as a couple. I would also ask if the relationship is on solid ground to support having a baby.

      Do not allow other people to strongly influence your readings— including me. You drew the cards, and they are talking to you. Go with your own intuition always. Listen to other’s input as suggestions only. This is why I stopped hosting the Cartomancy group. Too many opinions, creating too many confused students, and preventing them from blossoming into their own unique style of Cartomancy.

    1. The 3 of Clubs represents things that grow. Most often it will refer to hair, but it can indicate fingernails or toenails too. I think I already answered about the face cards in a previous comment. I must have forgotten the Jacks. For a quick review, kings are usually doctors. Queen can be female doctors or nurses. Jacks can be male nurses or nursing assistants of either gender.

  3. what about 8 of clubs?
    I asked about a general health readings..
    1st column was 8C 2H, 2nd was QH 6H and 3rd was 9H 7H

    1. The 8 of Clubs specifically refers to large muscles in the body, and also to growth hormone. But there are lots of other meanings to consider that are not body related in health reading. For example the 8C can represent a routine that could be affecting health, or a regimen of treatment just to name a couple.

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