Who Is Who in My Love Reading?

I thought it might be helpful to take another look at my thought process for evaluating the court cards in a cartomancy reading. I have already posted several articles on how to read the face cards when they don’t represent people, but what about when they do?

Almost every question is influenced by one or more people other than the querent. In fact, I find that nine times out of ten the appearance of a face card in a reading will represent a specific person who is somehow involved in the situation.

I did not always interpret the interactions of the people in a reading based on the directions of the court cards in the spread. But over the last 10 years, I have found this practice to be strikingly accurate in determining the subtle dynamics of the players in any given situation.

The following relationship reading provides a nice example of how multiple face cards that represent real people can be highly revealing in a card spread.

Jack of Spades, 7 of Spades, King of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, 3 of Spades.

The querent is a 24 year old woman who is in a long-term relationship. She is worried because her man has begun to act distant and casual. She asks if he has lost interest in her.

I immediately register the three black cards which suggest that the answer is “probably no.” The specific card meanings should tell me why. Then I note that three of the five cards in the spread are face cards. In order to understand the specific message in the cards, I need to determine who is who in the reading.

My eye is drawn at once to the King of Hearts situated in the important center position of the spread. He is a man who is loved. I instantly identify him as the querent’s boyfriend because he is the primary focus of the inquiry.

So who are represented by the two Jacks? How do two young men play into this picture? Like the Pages in Tarot, the mustachioed Jacks are gender fluid. They can sometimes represent young females (particularly when they are powerless in a situation), and in the context of this reading it makes more sense that they do.

This idea immediate suggests to me that one of them is likely the querent. But which? And more importantly who is the second woman? The 3 of Spades suggests deceit and a possible love triangle… best try to get clarification from the querent.

“I see another woman around your guy, ” I say.
The querent responds, “Oh, yeah. That’s probably his wife.”

Ah huh! I neglect to mention how this piece of information might have been helpful to know up front. Anyway, now the cards begin to make sense to me.

The Jack of Spades is often a rival in love readings, but who plays the rival? The wife is a rival for the affections of the querent’s lover, but the querent is also rival to the wife’s marriage.

Let’s take a look at the other jack, the Jack of Diamonds. The suit suggests a financial influence– someone who is tied financially to the King of Hearts. The 3 of Spades reveals deception around her. My impression is that the Jack of Diamonds represents the wife.

As I already mentioned, the focus of the reading is the man’s interests, so it also makes perfect sense to me that he would see the querent as a rival to re-establishing a connection with his wife (the wife falls directly next to him in his future).

Now that we have determined who is who in the reading, it is easy to see the dynamics of the situation. The 7 of Spades falling between the querent and her man shows a reversal in their relationship. The cards confirm the querent’s sense that the romance is cooling down.

The 7 of Spades is also the Card of addiction and dependence. This card falls between the querent and her man indicating an unhealthy codependent relationship between them. Notice the direction that the King faces. Despite trying to re-establish a connection with his wife, he is looking back toward the querent and his codependent connection with her. She stares longingly back at him.

So what to tell the querent? I prefer to give the unfavorable news first because once the querent hears what she hopes to hear, she is unlikely to register anything else I say.

I warn the querent that the relationship with this man is unhealthy– never mind the fact that he’s married! She admits that they are bound together by a sexual addiction from which neither can break free.

I suggest that she seek counseling to help her detach from this difficult situation. I also recommend the outstanding books by Melody Beattie that deal with breaking the bonds of codependency.

Now to answer the specific question… I advise the querent that the cards confirm this man is attempting to pull away in order to salvage his marriage which is in deep trouble. The 3 of Spades shows problems and deceptions in the future.

The wife looks away from the 3 of Spades. Her focus is on the man. She is either ignorant of the deceptions, or she chooses to ignore the marital problems.

Whatever the case, the man is motivated by financial concerns, and the wife is motivated by her love for her husband.

Despite these motivations, the cards confirm that the man is unable to break free from the affair with the querent. The simple answer is: no, he has not lost interest in her.

Oddly, the news lifts the querent’s mood considerably.


18 thoughts on “Who Is Who in My Love Reading?

  1. Great interpretation. I’d love it if you did the same thing with Clubss as you did with Diamonds in relation to relationship readings, explaining each of them.

  2. The Master is back! Excellent analysis and breakdown of Who is Who. Also love the recommendation of M. Beatties book to help querant. Love your writing style & humor as well. 😉 Fabulous post!!!

  3. hallo Kapherus . l have a question about your yes and no technique if the girl had ask “is the man still interest in me” would the interpretation of the same spread had been the same. the question is about to deal with i negative questions and get eg pure positive cards. Ex. if the question is ” will l get the influenza” and the spread had only hearts. l try to ask positive questions to avoid confusion, -but what are your opinion about this theme. hope your understand me English is not my first language. with best regards.

    1. Hello Flemming. You present a very interesting question. If the girl had asked “Is the man still interested in me” I suspect that different cards would have appeared in the reading to support the correct answer. The influenza question with all hearts would definitely suggest a yes to me, but much will depend on the specific hearts that appear in the spread. But in truth, if I asked about contracting influenza, and all hearts appeared in the reading, I might question the validity of the spread. For me, the individual cards will generally support the answer that based on suit and color. So for example, a predominance of hearts might give me the impression that the illness will happen, but it will be mild with a quick recovery.

      I do understand what you mean by phrasing positive questions to avoid confusion. Through my own experience I have discovered that I get better results when I honor the querent’s question rather than try to rephrase it– unless for some reason the question is unworkable.

  4. Hallo Kapherus. I thank you very much for you teaching -it is very helpful and i understand all what you think abort this theme. I will try not rephrase the questions and let the cards be the boss 🙂 tanks

  5. The last line cracked me up but the whole article was so interesting and funny. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  6. Very nice post as always. I ve learned so much from you and i appreciate your guidance to cartomancy path. I d like to ask you when will your book be available for the public? Thank you

  7. Hi Kaph 🙂
    I always seem to have trouble with the KH when he appears in a love reading. I’m still quite young and most guys I’d be interested in are still a few years shy of 35 (and they religiously show up as Jacks in my readings). I’ve begun to read KH as symbolism as opposed to an actual person (as I don’t have any living family who fit the KH either). Do you think it’s safe to assume he represents success in relationships?

    I met someone very recently after just ending a long-term relationship. He asked me to go for a drink with him this week and I think the reading was pretty excellent, just not totally comfortable with my interpretation of the K
    7S 6S KH
    AH 7H QH

    Also, really looking forward to the book coming out! Congrats on finishing.

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