Who Is the King of Diamonds?

I drew a random card today for contemplation and study. I got the King of Diamonds. Who is he?


Here are some of my musings on the King of Diamonds…

The King of Diamonds has a quick wit and a keen mind. He is very intelligent, and he isn’t afraid to use his mind to his own advantage. He might be a scientist or an inventor. He may be a mathematician. Perhaps he’s a techno-wizard. He could be psychologist or a social worker. He may be surrounded by money like a banker or even a millionaire. He may be a government official or civil servant. Whatever his line of work, he is independent and dynamic. He is always cultured and professional in his dress and demeanor.

The King of Diamonds brings positive energy to a reading. He has a sunny disposition. He is the eternal optimist. He is generous with money and his expertise. He’s edgy and innovative, and he is filled with energy and enthusiasm. He enjoys the luxuries of life, but is always tasteful.

When surrounded by negative cards, he may display his more unfavorable characteristics.  He may be shy and withdrawn. He can become restless and impatient, and filled with nervous energy. He can be overly extravagant and self-indulgent on the one hand, and selfish and miserly on the other. When crossed he may become aggressive, and his behavior can be impulsive and unpredictable.

I associate the suit of Diamonds with the element of fire. Diamonds are quick moving, and restless and represent both physical and spiritual energy. Specifically, the suit of Diamonds represents both the spark of a flame, and the spark of life. If you are familiar with astrology, you can consider the King of Diamonds to be a fire sign: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, both in nature and literally speaking.

The King of Diamonds is a scholar. This is important because he can represent formal education in a reading. Whereas the 3 of Clubs can indicate taking a class or receiving training, the King of Diamond would show pursuing a degree, usually from a college or university.

The other important meaning of the King of Diamonds is that he can represent government in a general sense. For example, the K♦️+ 2♦️shows receiving a payment from the government (social security check, tax refund, etc.). But be careful if the same combination appears reversed. 2♦️+ K♦️can show a payment made to the government, but it can also represent paying tuition to a college or university.

In a daily draw, the King of Diamond may represent a man who will play an influential role in your day. He may also represent the general trends you can expect to unfold. When I see the King of Diamond in my daily cards, I know it will be a busy day filled with energy and opportunity. If I take advantage of this positive energy, I can take the next step toward reaching my goals.


8 thoughts on “Who Is the King of Diamonds?

  1. Interesting. I have always associated Diamonds with Earth, and the qualities you list with Earth & not Fire. Does this mean you consider Clubs to be Earth?

    1. I associate Spades with Earth. Spades are dense and slow moving. They are grounded and difficult to control. Clubs are super active. They rule communication and business. I associate Clubs with Air.

      1. How interesting! I always read Spades as air (intellect), Hearts as water (emotions), Clubs as fire (action), and Diamonds as earth (business). Thank you for clarifying your point of view.

        1. Okay, I see. You use the traditional Golden Dawn Tarot associations for the elements. The ones I use are based on astrology.

  2. Thank you so much for the explanation of the King of diamonds. I enjoy reading your daily pulls.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. The people cards are a challenge as they can mean so many things. I use your same associations ; diamonds for heat and fire and fire related industries, hearts/water, clubs/air thinking and talking rather than doing, and spades for earth, down to earth or being stuck in/weighed down with something.

    Of late i keep pulling all the diamond family in their order (king,queen, jack) and it has meant so many things depending on the thought i had in mind. But i still cannot put my finger on the exact meaning when they come up (thought i have also noticed the queen of spades represents an intelligence agency due to the nature of the questions asked when she comes up)

    Moreover, when the weather gets very hot, the king of diamonds looks as if he is representing the sun itself in my readings, how about that?

    1. I really like the idea of the King of Diamonds as the sun! I would also Keep in mind that the Diamond family can often refer to financial matters. I find that they show up when I’m preoccupied with financial concerns. In a general sense, they bring optimism and opportunity. I’m always happy to see them in my daily cards!

      1. You are the real mccoy for sure! I did not even have to tell you that the four of diamonds is the other card coming up with this group. I have to pay a few things such as rent, and the rising costs were on my mind, when this diamond family showed up. Maintaining a blog for so long is not easy so thank you for keeping it up whenever you can, I truly do appreciate it.

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