Fortune Telling with Hessler’s Enhanced Playing Card Deck

I’m excited to discover Hessler’s Enhanced Playing Card deck. For a long time I have been searching for a custom four-color playing card deck for divination. My ideal would be a deck with the suit of hearts colored red, clubs colored green, diamonds colored yellow, and spades kept traditionally black.  Hessler’s enhancements meet all of my expectations except for the black spades. In the Hessler deck the spades are colored blue, but I find I don’t mind that at all. In fact, I rather like the blue spades. So I’ve finally found my soul deck.


(C) 2015 Matt Hessler

Hessler’s deck has also given me the opportunity to experiment finally with adding the jokers to my divination deck. The deck does not actually have any jokers, but it does contain two specialty cards, the Black Maria and the Omnibus Knave, which are used specifically in the game of Hearts. I’m in love with these two cards, and have decided to use them for my jokers.



The Omnibus Knave will serve as my red joker. For me he symbolizes an angel, and will bring an angelic presence to my readings. He will represent blessings and magic and divine protection. The Black Maria will serve as my black joker. For me she symbolizes a shadow of negativity. She will represent bad luck and black magic and evil intentions. These are basic meaning which I’m  sure I will expand on over time.

The Hessler is a top-of-the-line Bicycle deck with a luxurious feel and sturdy card stock. It is somewhat more expensive than the standard Bicycle cards, but the enhancements are well worth the added  cost.


17 thoughts on “Fortune Telling with Hessler’s Enhanced Playing Card Deck

  1. Glad you found Hesslers, Kapherus! I came across it a few months ago, and like you I was very excited to have a four-color deck. Like you, I chose to keep the Omnibus Knave and Black Maria in as my Jokers, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you work with them in future posts (I especially like you referring to the Knave as an angel).
    And, I was touched that you consider the deck your soul deck–love it!

    1. Thank you, James. I’m really looking forward to working with this deck. It shouldn’t be long before I start posting some of my experiments here on the blog. I hope you’ll share some more of your experiences with the deck too!

  2. Niiiiice..! And still a bargain compared to a lot of divination decks, Tarots in particular.
    How is the finish, is it linen?

      1. Thank you! The tray is a prized possession. I got it as a gift, and don’t know the vintage. The box is definitely old and beat up, so I assume it has some age to it. I need to research it.

    1. Thanks, Stella! Yes, really good quality too. The finish is linen, and I understand that the card stock is from the Bicycle Bee line, which supposed to be their best quality stock. Still thinner than most oracle decks, but it feels like the cards will hold up to quite a bit of shuffling.

      1. Bees are as good as it gets – sublime stock and finish! 🙂
        If I’m remembering the old movies correctly, “Black Maria” is old slang for a paddy wagon. Not something people wanted rolling up to the speakeasy, lol. So yes, she’s a definite jinx!

  3. Hayden Chance introduced me to this deck. I love the color coding. It also has a very nice vibe. I also like the Osiris playing cards.

  4. These look amazing – I am looking forward to seeing you working with them! I keep the Jokers in my playing cards too, so am eager to see how these two characters come in.

  5. Wonderful !I recently purchased a playing card deck where the clubs and the spades are forest green but this new deck of yours is way over the top perfect ! I will look into getting it myself ! Thanks for the news !

    1. Thank you! The forest green deck sounds nice too. I just love that the diamonds are yellow/gold on the Hessler deck. There’s just something that feels so right about that!

  6. I just got my deck today…it’s a beauty, for sure! It’s good to see some colors on them finally. My first spread with it was asking what was coming up for tonight, and I got a 3 of Diamonds, 10 of Hearts, and 5 of Hearts…not too bad! I’ll see what happens with the two extra cards. Thanks for the heads up on this deck, Kapherus.

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