The Devastating Dusting Disaster

Early Sunday morning I received a frantic telephone call from my good friend Heidi. She was devastated by a dusting disaster. While tidying her altar in the early hours she had accidently smashed her treasured porcelain angel figurine. She immediately took the mishap as a sign that the angels were displeased with her, or that someone had cast the evil eye against her spiritual work.

Heidi begged me to throw down a few cards to see why the angels are angry with her. In my experience these kinds of mishaps are rarely the work of dark forces, so I agreed to draw a few cards to help ease her mind– despite not yet having my first cup of coffee…


I asked the cards, “What caused Heidi to drop and break her porcelain angel figurine?”

My immediate impression of the cards was that there were no dark forces or celestial anger afflicting Heidi or her porcelain figurine.

I always look first to the center card of the Line of Five Spread. I call this card the linchpin because it will usually provide a succinct answer to the question. The 3 of Diamonds points to carelessness and a lack of focus. The next cards to catch my eye were the first and last, which reflect each other and will usually provide supporting information about the answer. The combination Ace of Hearts and 5 of Clubs can indicate housework— in other words, cleaning and sweeping and dusting, etc.

It never fails to impress me how the playing cards will reflect back to us the theme of the question to confirm that the spread is focused on the correct issue.  The answer seems clear: Heidi was careless with her dusting of the figurine, and that was what caused it to slip from her fingers and crash to the floor.

“So then who’s the Queen of Spades?” Heidi wanted to know. Well, we could interpret her in several different ways– none of which are truly sinister since she is surrounded by relatively good cards. My first impression is that the Queen represents the broken angel figurine. She appears as a spade to represent her damaged condition.

I found myself drawn to that pair of fives in the spread. A pair of fives will often represent “the hands” in a reading. We see the angel (Queen of Spades) in the hands (between the two fives) along with the card of carelessness (3 of Diamonds). The symbolism is hard to ignore. Alternately, we might see the Queen as Heidi in her role as the unlucky or clumsy woman. More likely Heidi would be represented by the 5 of Hearts, which when next to the Ace of Hearts shows the woman of the house. The 5 of Hearts mirrors the Queen indicating the connection between Heidi and the damaged statue. The 3 of Diamonds in between would represent the scattered energy that caused the mishap. Or in a general sense the Queen as a spade may simply refer to the misfortunate accident. Whatever the case, what I don’t see are any malevolent outside influences to blame.

I asked Heidi if the damaged figurine could be fullsizerenderrepaired. I wondered because that 5 of Clubs ending the row is a work card that can indicate fixing or repairing something.  Also, the 5 of Hearts is one of the best cards in the deck. It reveals opportunity and truth and wishes fulfilled. When the cards reveal trouble, they invariably also show a possible remedy or solution. Perhaps the hands that had unintentionally caused the damage to the statue might also be able to repair it.

“Maybe,” Heidi tells me, “there’s a clean break at the torso, but one wing is shattered, and the halo is chipped.”  Heidi had already recovered the larger pieces, but she was not sure she could successfully glue them back together. I advised her to carefully collect all of the broken pieces, and that I would do my best to help.

In the end, there were splintered pieces which could not be restored, but the repaired angel does not look half bad.  Heidi and I both agreed that since the piece has so much sentimental value for her, it was worth restoring. I suggested that she display the angel with her damaged wing hidden. I took a picture from an advantageous angle, and from a distance you can’t even tell that the angel was broken.


17 thoughts on “The Devastating Dusting Disaster

  1. Hi David, I like very much your reading, I find you to be one of the most serious and professional card reader, I am inspired by your way to do that, so thanks very much for your posts! I hope to don’t bother you with my question. Today I did my daily spread and I received 5s 10d 8c. I don’t know how to link the first two cards. It could be that after a loss 5s I will gain back good money 10d through work 8c, or I will loose 5s good money 10d, and because of that I will work 8c (in order to cover my loss)?
    5s-10d = financial wealth after a loss?
    5s-10d = losing good amount of money?

    Thanks so much! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I read the action in the cards from left to right. When a spade begins a sequence it usually indicates a difficult period in the recent past leading to the present. Often the spade will simply show a period of delay, or slow progress. I see the 5S + 10D as slowly working toward financial security, perhaps after a period of hardship. Also the 5S is a card of loneliness or separation and it can indicate that you will build your financial security yourself without relying on the help of anyone else.

      1. Hi David, i hope you don’t mind if I ask you two questions…!
        I like to use also tarot, and i would like to know if i can use the Three Cards Spread with the tarot as well?
        Can we use your meaning of the cards with the pips of the marsiglia tarot?

        Thanks very much!

        1. I’m sorry, but I don’t read tarot, so I have no experience with using any of the spreads or meanings I post here with the tarot. I would encourage you to experiment to see what works for you.

  2. I like the metaphor you came to that the ship was her hidden damage wing represents we aren’t perfect, we have vulnerabilities and its part of being . human. imperfection is true perfection. I’d add to the reading when she is unfocused, lost go to to the wing brings you back.
    What I can’t stand as a psychic empath people used to use me as a way to read people if their lying what their thinking etc, who to use my abilities to solve others problems. I’m like I’m not a therapist espcially when its usualyl my boyfriends friends who I don’t trust. I knew this girls game. But happens alot. Few know I’m a practitioner and have been reading cards, i-ching and runes since I was 7.As a practitioner everyone knows my love spells which I don’t enjoy doing bc I disagree with them. I set accidentally the alter my pops built me on fire stupid candle.

    One a personal note Sometimes things happen for a reason. I had a god mother who is super stingy and gave me this beautiful bone china heirloom jewelry bowl. She’s got serious anger and resentment issues. Over a fucking pardon my french FB post I’m pretty open and deemed “riske” she flipped out and put some horrible private information about me and my parents on there. She thinks bc she knew my legendary father before my mom she’s got one up. She publicly said if it wasnt for her I would of been aborted. I knew my father wanted me to and sent my mom to LA but my mom decided not too on her own terms. I was horrified, humiliated. We went at it on text, fb and I feel to her level which is unlike m character but why does that,I had armor piecing amo in arsenal. my friends were outraged threatened to off her they thought it was so cruel. You can agree to disagree, and keep to yourelf. my own mother doesn’t censor me. Once I blocked her on my phone I had enough of verbal abuse. I was listening to some DNB and I work in music so I have studio monitor my bass was rumbling so hard from across the room I slowly saw jewelry dish kinda wobble from across the room and eventually smash to pieces. I saw it as symbolism and irony.

    YOu’re fortunate to have kind appreciative friends and vice versa. In LA I don’t know any psychic empaths, readers nor practitioners would be great. YOu’re a great friend.

  3. ? Where did you find all your books? The one place here that was an icon since my mom was here in the 80’s closed. Any suggestions, I was something legit. Any books more then just cartomancy do you recommend. Been out of the came for 10 yrs.

    1. I have collected a goodly number of cartomancy books over the years, but there are really only two books which helped shape my card reading style. The first book is currently out of print, but can still be found used on eBay or from other online providers of used books. The book is titled It’s Written in the cards by Dr. Leo Louis Martello.

      The second book is titled The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell. This book is readily available from or directly from the the tearoom:

      It is sad that the big online booksellers are driving many of the smaller local metaphysical bookshops to close down. They simply can’t compete with price or selection.

      1. Thanks I’m little rusty and mostly learnt by slight of hand I mean through friends. No one here in LA I’d like a new perceptive well perceptive without reading a million books to get this small piece form here and there. Im more the gimme it in plain English to the point enlighten and improve.

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