Five Card Draw: Pregnancy Prediction

The consultant is a 40 year old woman who asks, “Will I get pregnant in the next three months?” She provides no additional information.

For the yes/no question I draw five cards with the intention that the ratio of black cards to red will provide a simple answer. It is also my intention that the individual cards will provide details to further explain the answer. For specific information on how I read the suit colors to answer a yes-or-no question, please see my article: Cartomancy Technique for Answering Yes-or-No Questions.

I received permission from the consultant to share this reading because it’s short and sweet and to the point, and I think it provides an excellent example of how I read the classic Line of Five cards in cartomancy.  I analyze the cards step by step using the following process…

Step 1: I take note of the center card (heart card) which serves as a hinge on which the rest of the reading turns.
Step 2: I read the middle three cards in combination.
Step 3: I read the first three cards in combination.
Step 4: I read the last three cards in combination, taking special note of the final card which serves as the outcome card.
Step 5: I take note of the cards that mirror or reflect each other in the reading.
Step 6: I read the first, middle and last cards in combination as a summary of the reading.

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When I first glance at the cards, I immediately notice the predominance of black cards which gives a most likely NO answer to the question. The consultant will not succeed in getting pregnant within the next three months.

My attention is next drawn to the heart card of the reading, the Ace of Diamonds. I always look for the theme of the question to be reflected in the reading, and the Ace of Diamonds is the spark of life, and would represent the desired conception.  The  Ace is hemmed in by spades on either side indicating a serious problem, and confirming that conception will not happen within the specified time frame.

Next I ask myself, who is the King of Spades? Perhaps he is the consultant’s husband?  No. The adjacent card (8 of Spades) is the doctor card, and it describes the King. My impression is that the King of Spades represents a doctor. The card following the 8 of Spades shows what kind of doctor– Ace of Diamonds shows one who deals with conception issues, or a fertility specialist. This idea is confirmed for me by the classic combination of the 8 of Spades with the 9 of Spades which mirror each other in the center of the spread, and denote a medical procedure. These cards surround the Ace of Diamonds suggesting that medical intervention may be necessary to facilitate conception.  When the cards indicate a problem or obstacle, they invariably also provide one or more possible solutions.

Finally, on to the last trio of cards. The 9 of Spades follows the Ace of Diamonds, and shows disappointment, and represents the difficulty with conception. The 4 of Clubs is a service card, and indicates help with resolving issues. The 4 of Clubs ends the line, and suggests an eventual resolution to the fertility problem represented by the 9 of Spades. I notice that the 4 of Clubs mirrors the King of Spades. This shows a consultation, and suggests to me that the doctor will serve to help correct the problem.

My prediction is that the querent will not be able to conceive within the next three months, but if she consults with a fertility specialist, the doctor will help resolve the problem. The fact that the Ace of Diamonds appears in the heart position of the reading is a hopeful sign that conception will eventually be possible.

The querent confirmed that she has a history of problems with getting pregnant, and that she is already receiving treatments at a fertility clinic.


12 thoughts on “Five Card Draw: Pregnancy Prediction

  1. Hi Kapherus,

    Always learning from your texts- thanks!
    I had lately tended not to consider the color ratio but after reading your text decided to ask a question considering it. A friend had mentioned a possible romantic trip to an island, but there are issues which could delay it for now (although she and her boyfriend are intent on going). From the answer I would have said yes, except that I had decided to consider the color ratio and follow step-by-step your above method:


    -Middle card JS, hinge: some stress, bureocracy etc, being weighed in this trip?
    -3 blacks: Most likely no?
    -3 middle cards: some news soon for the couple, confirming a delay?
    -First 3 cards seem to indicate the romantic trip coming soon, but JS hindering it?
    -Last 3 cards: stress for the couple? Although 10S ending it could be the island they intend on going to?
    Last card 10S- although large body of water, it seems to be a disappointment card, ending the line of 5 cards.
    2c-8h mirroring- some news in 2 weeks? Or a trip in 2 weeks – the trip will be in 2 weeks’ time…
    3H-10S- Fun trip to an island or romantic disappointment?

    Although it could go both ways, since I decided to consider the color ratio and the weight of the middle card I tend to believe they most probably won’t go for now. Do you agree with my interpretation?

  2. The steps outlined in your post (Five Card Draw) are well thought out and as a result, very helpful, even to seasoned card readers. It goes to show that one never stops learning….

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks to Kaph, for continuing to provide his vital insights to us avid cartomancers! i used this spread today, and was surprised to see it showed an unlikely outcome prove to come true. I have problems with my computer monitor, and asked if it would be working within a half hour. Well, it was five minutes late, but yes, it did finally kick in, as the cards indicated. Three of Hearts, Eight of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds (two eyed, looking to the left), 4 of Hearts, and 10 of Clubs. I took that as a “yes”.

  4. And yes, thanks, my feedback is here already, and trip, which was ‘a sure thing’ was postponed. Wow!

  5. kapherus, you’re back! Glad to see your blog becoming active again. I read lemormand primarily but the ace of diamonds is related to finances according to how I read, it was interesting to see how it still made sense. I always try to interpret the readings before I read your conclusion and I knew right away that she would only get pregnant if she spent some serious money, which the natural assumption is fertility treatments in this context.

    A question for you, do you still offer readings through email? I can’t seem to find your pricing on this website.

    1. Thank you, Ohayochan. I temporarily removed my readings page while I was in the hospital. I am revamping it and should have it back up soon.

  6. Kapherus, Thank you so much for creating this blog. I have learned a great deal from it as I am new to the art of cartomancy.
    I have recently been dealing with some weight issues that seem unusual for me, and I was wondering what was the cause and how I could remedy. I asked the cards, “Why am I gaining weight and what can I do to fix my problem in 2017?”
    I got the following cards: Ks+2h+9h+9s+10h.

    Immediately, I think of my gynecologist when I see the Ks+2h (Medical specialist + genitals). My gyno is actually an older, dark haired man from another country. The 9h does not make sense to me though as it relates to circulation. The 9s tells me that I may need a procedure, but the 10h points to a good outcome.

    Do you agree? Thanks for your great resources!!

    1. Your reading is a little tricky because you’re asking two separate questions. I find that I get better results when I focus on one question at a time, but you can still get some helpful information from your spread. In fact, I think you did an excellent job with your interpretation. Without knowing more about you and your situation, it is hard to offer additional insights. Yes, the KS is usually a surgeon or specialist– in other words, he would not be your general practitioner. The 2H is surrounded by Spades showing that there is most likely an emotional component to the issues you’re asking about. The 2H can represent the genitals, but it can also refer to pregnancy and hormones, which may or may not be influencing the situation, also the 10H can represent a husband or significant other, if such a person is in the picture. The 9H is your desires, what you want from the situation. It is a very auspicious card to show up as the anchor card of the reading, but that 9S indicates a problem that must be dealt with before you will achieve that positive outcome. I wish you a speedy resolution to your issue, and I hope I’ve given you a few additional thoughts to consider to help get more specific information from your reading.

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