The Overview Card Spread

Most of my work these days is by phone, and phone clients require fast and accurate information even when they are unable to clearly formulate a question. I’ve created the following spread, which I call the Overview Spread, for clients who want specific information in return for a vague or general inquiry.

For example, the client says, “I want to know about my love life.” Instead of trying to get the client to refine the question, I’ve found that the Overview Spread provides enough specific information to break the ice, and get the client involved in the reading.

The cards are laid out based on the following diagram:

Overview Spread2

Interpreting the Card Positions:

The Significator

This spread requires a significator. If the client wants to know about a specific area of live, such as romance or work, I will choose a significator to represent the situation. Otherwise, I’ll use a court card to represent the client or some other person the client wishes to know about. The significator is placed on the table, and the remaining cards are shuffled and then dealt according to the following diagram:

The Card Above

The card above the significator is the most important card of the spread. If the significator represents the querent, it reveals what is on the querent’s mind. If the significator represents some other person, the card reveals what is on that person’s mind. If the significator represents a theme such as ‘work’ or ‘love,’ the card above will reveal the influences currently ruling the situation.

The Card Below

The card below is also very important for deciphering the current situation. It will reveal what the querent dreads or fears in relation to the question or situation. If the significator represents a situation, this card will reveal what is harming the situation.

The Cards to the Left of the Significator

The cards to the left represent past influences leading up to the current situation.

The Cards to the Right of the Significator

The cards to the right represent future influences and the outcome of the situation.