The Cartomancy Career Spread

My Career Spread is a variation of the Overview Spread that I created for quickly revealing the heart of any situation.  The Career Spread can pinpoint the consultant’s employment strengths and weaknesses, and will suggest career areas where the consultant will be happy and fulfilled.

The Significator

First the 8 of Clubs is removed from the deck and placed on the table. The 8 of Clubs will serve as the significator to represent the consultants job and career prospects.  The remaining cards are shuffled and then deal out in the following pattern:


Card Positions

The Card Above

The card above the significator is the most important card of the spread. It will reveal what is on the querent’s mind in terms of job and career.

The Card Below

The card below is also very important for deciphering the current situation. It will reveal what the querent dreads or wishes to avoid in relation to his future job prospects.

The Cards to the Left of the Significator

The cards to the left represent past influences leading up to the current situation, prior job experience,  innate talents, education, etc.

The Cards to the Right of the Significator

The cards to the right represent future job prospects, or may describe the ideal job situation.

Sample Cartomancy Career Spread

This cartomancy reading is for a 37 year old man who is unhappy in his present career path, and is asking for help in determining the best course of action for making a change.



Ace of Diamonds = new beginning, something totally new

2 of Diamonds = account billing, insurance, talents, imagination, writing ability

2 of Spades = resentment, removal

8 of Diamonds = account management, credit, bookkeeping, financial forecasting, cost management

K of Clubs = authority, management, organization

4 of Clubs = customer service, sales, phone work, cold calling

The first thing I look at is the Card Above because it will provide a glimpse into where the querent’s head is at regarding career matters. The Ace of Diamonds indicates that the querent is looking for a complete change in career direction, and not simply a new position within the same general field of interest.

Next I look at the Card Below because it shows what the querent hopes to avoid regarding his future job prospects. The 4 of Clubs reveals that the querent is not interested in dealing directly with consumers.  He confirmed that he currently holds a sales position in a large call center, and he hates both the sales and phone work.

The two cards on the left will provide some clues regarding the querent’s talents, education and prior experience. The 2 of Diamonds indicates that he is very talented, but the 2 of Spades shows that his talents have not been utilized in the past, and he is unfulfilled in his current job.  The cards show that the querent is intelligent and imaginative. He has good writing skills, and he has prior experience with account billing.  He would thrive in a position where these talents and abilities are utilized.

Finally, the two cards on the right show future prospects, and the type of work that would be ideal for the querent.  The 8 of Diamonds indicates math skills, and the querent confirmed that he always enjoyed math in school.  The King of Clubs represents authority and management, and indicates that the querent would be most fulfilled in a position where he can take charge and exercise responsibility, working on his own rather than as part of a team.  Based on the cards, the querent would excel in a behind-the-scenes position in money management or finance such as credit reporting, account management, cost management, accounts payable clerk, etc.

The querent agreed that this line of work would be more rewarding, and shared with me that he had seriously considered a career in accounting when he was in high school, but ended up foregoing college to help support his family after his dad passed away.  I encouraged him to investigate the business schools in his area where he could earn a degree in his spare time to prepare for a career in accounting.  In the mean time, I advised him to keep his eyes peeled for any entry-level finance jobs that open up in his current place of employment, and also to check the newspapers regularly for this type of position.


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  1. Thank you Mr Kapherus. 

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  2. I have tried! 🙂 Which type of career for me? I would love a singing or acting one.
    Significator = Jack Swords
    The card above = 5 diamond
    The card below = King hearts
    On the left in position 1 = Jack hearts
    On the left in position 5 = King Clubs
    On the right in position 3 = 2 hearts
    On the right in position 6 = 8 clubs
    What does it mean?

    1. The JH and 2H are very creative cards, and can represent artistic pursuits. Check out the card meanings I have listed under the main menu at the top of the page for help with the specific card meanings.

  3. Hi David, I like this spread! One question: if in the place of “what you dread” there is a positive card, how we interpret that position? Thanks very much!

    1. The positive card can still represent something that the querent dreads. For example in the above example reading the 4 of Clubs is usually a good card, but in the context of the reading it shows the type of job that does not interest the querent. Also sometimes a good card can indicate if the querent has a fear of success. The other possibility is that the positive card can denote something that is blocking the querent. For example the Jack of Hearts, which is a very good card, could indicate laziness. Keep in mind that every card has its positive and shadow side.

  4. Such It seems Like I have taken residence on your blog over the past few days, i am adding my two cents worth here, about positive cards not being read as positive sometimes.

    For the past I pulled the JH and 5C. Indeed I was working in a creative artistic job, but I did not really enjoy it at all, it just was not for me.

    Now here is where it gets interesting I have a positive card for what I dread (the AH) and a negative one for whats on my mind (QS)

    But it is true if the AH is the home/family card, I do dread them, as they for sure never help, but sabotaged matters more than once in the past…so they finding out, is always a concern when I move on in life. So much mistrust…

    Now QS, two things, there is a particular woman who was on my mind all day when I tried this reading, but also the QS is a ‘hidden’ woman, and I have not been circulating and socialising almost at all, to make the connections needed to transition to a job I actually do want to do, hence more evidence, that I have not acted in my best self interests in the past.

    So that is how the positive became a not so positive card, and the hiding QS ended up showing where the stumbling blocks to achieving my goals are.

    Finally for a job I really want to do, there are the AC and 2D ….to me they both suggest imagining a thing will manifest it. my work once involved writing and researching and though the pay was not great I felt fulfilled (as one should feel from having a job). I see your meanings also suggest a new enterprise…but that is not on my mind for now.

    So there you are, as a thank you for all the meanings you share I decided to share this so you have even more feedback from people who incorporate your own card meanings to their readings to. Have a great weekend!

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