Cartomancy Descriptions: Color Correspondences

When I am asked to divine the physical appearance of an object, I use numerology color color correspondences.  There are several different system, but the one that works best for me also relates to the order of colors in refracted light– the rainbow, and also the colors that correspond to the chakras from root to crown:


One (Ace) = red
Two = orange
Three = yellow
Four = green
Five = blue
Six = indigo/navy blue
Seven = violet/purple
Eight = pink/beige/brown
Nine = gold
Ten = charcoal/multi-colored
Eleven (Jack) = silver/white/gray
Twelve (Queen) = striped/checkered/plaid
Thirteen (King) = black/dark colors

The color system can be useful for describing clothing. Many years ago I read for a woman who wished for a long-term relationship. The cards showed a new man coming into her life soon. The woman wondered how she might recognize the new man, and asked what he would be wearing when they meet. I focused on her question and drew a Queen, an eight, and an Ace. The cards suggested pink/brown/beige and red in a pattern of stripes or checks– perhaps the man would be wearing a pink and red plaid flannel shirt?

burberry wallet

Several months later the woman met a man with whom she felt an immediate connection. She remembered the reading, and was disappointed to note that this man did not wear any of the colors nor the pattern predicted in the cards. On their second date, the woman was convinced that this was the man for her, and decided that the cards had been wrong. After dinner the man pulled out his wallet to pay the check. When the woman saw the wallet, she began to laugh. The man’s wallet was a Burberry chocolate plaid.

Drawing Cards For Describing Color


For describing the color of an object, I find it helpful to first choose a significator to represent the object. I shuffle the cards and focus on the question, then I spread the cards face up on the table. I search for the significator, and use the cards on either side of the signficator for the color description. Generally I will utilize only the two cards directly adjacent to the significator.

So for example, if I wanted to determine the color of a car, I would look to the cards surrounding the 4 of Clubs or the 6 Spades (the cards that represent ‘a car’ for me).

Suppose I find the 6 if Spades surrounded by the 5 of Hearts and the King of Clubs. Of course, the 6 of Spades would represent the car. The 5 of Hearts indicates the color blue, and the King of Clubs represents a dark color. My interpretation would be ‘a dark blue car.’

Example of a Cartomancy Color Reading



The querent wants to know the color of the home she will end up buying. I choose the Ace of Hearts to represent the home, shuffle the cards while focusing on the question, and spread the shuffled deck face-up on the table. I look for the Ace of Hearts, and look to the cards on either side of the Ace for the color description.

The Queen represents a pattern: striped, checkered or plaid. The Four represents the color green. Of course it’s highly unlikely that the querent will purchase a home that is green checkered or plaid. When describing homes, the Queen will usually indicate brick (which is sort of a checkered pattern). The green probably indicates green trim. The querent will purchase a home with brick facing and green trim.


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  1. Fascinating! Thanks so much, Kapherus.
    (Did you mean a dark green car, or does the suit make a difference?)

    1. Nope, the number was a typo. Should have been the 5 in the car reading. When typing up the article I mixed up the readings. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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