Cartomancy Health Reading

Health readings can be tricky, but if we trust the cards they will usually unravel the mystery of any health issue. I’d be remiss if I didn’t reiterate that it’s important to always keep in mind that unless you are a licensed health professional, you should never diagnose or prescribe. When presented with a health question, I always advise the client that I am not a health professional, and that I’m happy to relate what I see in the cards, and I encourage them to consult a physician for any health related concerns.

I recently received feedback on an interesting health reading that I thought I would share here on the blog. The client was a younger male– probably in his 20s, and although anxious for some information regarding his health concern, he was reluctant to elaborate on the problem. He asked what I saw in the cards regarding his ‘issue,’ but would not say more.

I was up for the challenge, and drew the following Answer Spread to address the vague question:


In the Answer Spread, the first column relates to the present or recent past in reference to the question. The two Jacks did not give me a lot of information, and I thought they may simply refer to client having been well (Jack of Clubs ♣ ) and then not so well (Jack of Spades ♠ ).

The center column holds the answer to the question. The 6 of Hearts ♥ refers to all things masculine, and based on the client’s reticence it immediately occurred to me that this must be a delicate masculine issue. In health readings the Ace of Diamonds ♦ can have several different meanings. It can represent a needle– and therefore, ‘a vaccination,’ or fire– and therefore, ‘a burning sensation.’

The third column will usually provide important information that should be considered. In health readings the 7 of Spades ♠ will usually refer to the need for some kind of medication, and as the pivot card it is a clear indication that medication will relieve the problem. The 10 of Diamonds ♦ should either describe the kind of medication, or it’s purpose. At first I was stumped by these cards. The 10 of Diamonds ♦ usually refers to the chest and lungs, and I’ve previously had this combination refer to cough medicine or an asthma inhaler. But the middle column seemed to point to some kind of infection, and so these ideas didn’t make a lot of sense. Then it hit me. The 10 of Diamonds ♦ refers to raw power– jet propulsion, atomic energy, nuclear fission– potentially destructive energies that are harnessed and used for good. Of course! The 10 ♦ and 7 ♠ refer to an antibiotic.

I asked the querent if he was experiencing pain while urinating, and he launched into a long diatribe about why he thinks he may have contracted an STD. At this point it occurred to me that the two jacks could be indicate the union which caused the problem.

I advised the that although I could not diagnose his problem, the cards do point to some kind of infection, and I urged him to see a doctor as soon as possible. The 7 of Spades ♠ as the pivot card indicates the need for medication, and also warns that the problem will worsen if it is not treated.

I had not heard back from the client, so I didn’t know what the medical diagnosis was, but this is one of those times when the cards seemed so clear in their message that I had no doubts that antibiotics were prescribed for some kind of infection.

Feedback: It was over a year before I heard back from this client. He thanked me for encouraging him to see a physician because he did in fact have a kidney infection. It turns out that it was not an STD. The infection was caused by a kidney stone that the client had no idea he had. The stone was too large to pass, and required surgery. I’m sharing this reading because it’s a perfect example of how important it is to encourage a client to see a doctor for any health concerns regardless of what may appear in the cards.