Cartomancy Health Reading: a Clogged Ear

Health readings can be a slippery slope. On the one hand, we want to meet our querent’s needs; but on the other hand, most of us are not health professionals, and we are not qualified to diagnose a health problem– neither are we qualified to offer medical advice. In fact, to do so is against the law in most countries. So what do we do?

I don’t shy away from health questions. I will advise the querent up front that I am not a health professional, and that a health matter should never be decided by a card reading. I remind the querent that even the best card readings can be only 80% accurate, and only a licensed health professional can diagnose and treat an ailment.

Having said that, what I will do is agree to look into the cards to see what they show about the health issue. Interestingly, I find that 9 times out of 10 the cards will suggest that the querent visit with a doctor. Even when that is not the case, I still encourage the querent to visit the doctor anyway. What I won’t do is offer a definitive diagnosis nor will I prescribe a treatment.

Happily in most cases when a querent asks about a health issue, he or she has already seen a doctor, and is interested in the outcome of the doctor’s prescribed treatment.

Sample Health Reading

The following reading was done for a family member. The querent is a young man who has recently recovered from a nasty head cold. Despite feeling healthy and strong, he is suffering from a lingering clogged ear. The querent asks…

Will the ear unclog on its own without having to see the doctor?

I drew the following line of 5  cards…


Who the heck are all these lovely ladies?

The reason I wanted to share this particular reading is because it illustrates a special combination that has appeared in my cards time and again. You probably won’t see this combination in any book; although (Who Knows?) you may because there is a universality to the card meanings. In any case, the combination I’m referring to is the 4 of spades surrounded by court cards. In my readings, this combination always signifies a communicable disease– a contagious illness that is passed from person to person. I have found that 99% of the time, when this combination appears in my cards, it indicates a viral infection (most common bacterial infections are not contagious) which ends up being the flu or the common cold.

My immediate thought is that the ear problem is due to the lingering effects of the head cold, and would probably not respond to antibiotics. (I should mention at this point that despite this suggestion I still encouraged the querent to visit the doctor if the ear continues to be a problem.)

So what about the ladies? Well, digging deeper into the spread, I see the Jack of Hearts as representing the querent himself and his body (health). The Queen of Spades is the infection that brought on the head cold (4 of Spades). The three queens in the spread represent gossip or advice. The Queen of Hearts is the mother or the wife. She represents care and love and nurturing. The Queen of Diamonds is full of good information. The combination suggests “old wive’s remedies.” The suits show that with proper care (heart) the problem will improve (diamond card ending the row). I suggested that the querent also talk with his mom and other female family members to ask if they have any home remedies that might help relieve the clogged ear.

Feedback: The querent did end up seeing his doctor. The doctor examined the nose, ears and throat, and said there was no redness or irritation visible. The doctor did not think there was a bacterial infection, but he was willing to prescribe an antibotic just in case. The querent declined the antibiotic since he has a history of antibiotics causing complications with his digestion. The querent mother (QH) suggested home remedies that she used on him when he was a child to help clear up (QD) the clog.


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