Cartomancy Descriptions: Color Correspondences

When I am asked to divine the physical appearance of an object, I use numerology color color correspondences.  There are several different system, but the one that works best for me also relates to the order of colors in refracted light– the rainbow, and also the colors that correspond to the chakras from root to crown:


One (Ace) = red
Two = orange
Three = yellow
Four = green
Five = blue
Six = indigo/navy blue
Seven = violet/purple
Eight = pink/beige/brown
Nine = gold
Ten = charcoal/multi-colored
Eleven (Jack) = silver/white/gray
Twelve (Queen) = striped/checkered/plaid
Thirteen (King) = black/dark colors

The color system can be useful for describing clothing. Many years ago I read for a woman who wished for a long-term relationship. The cards showed a new man coming into her life soon. The woman wondered how she might recognize the new man, and asked what he would be wearing when they meet. I focused on her question and drew a Queen, an eight, and an Ace. The cards suggested pink/brown/beige and red in a pattern of stripes or checks– perhaps the man would be wearing a pink and red plaid flannel shirt?

burberry wallet

Several months later the woman met a man with whom she felt an immediate connection. She remembered the reading, and was disappointed to note that this man did not wear any of the colors nor the pattern predicted in the cards. On their second date, the woman was convinced that this was the man for her, and decided that the cards had been wrong. After dinner the man pulled out his wallet to pay the check. When the woman saw the wallet, she began to laugh. The man’s wallet was a Burberry chocolate plaid.

Drawing Cards For Describing Color


For describing the color of an object, I find it helpful to first choose a significator to represent the object. I shuffle the cards and focus on the question, then I spread the cards face up on the table. I search for the significator, and use the cards on either side of the signficator for the color description. Generally I will utilize only the two cards directly adjacent to the significator.

So for example, if I wanted to determine the color of a car, I would look to the cards surrounding the 4 of Clubs or the 6 Spades (the cards that represent ‘a car’ for me).

Suppose I find the 6 if Spades surrounded by the 5 of Hearts and the King of Clubs. Of course, the 6 of Spades would represent the car. The 5 of Hearts indicates the color blue, and the King of Clubs represents a dark color. My interpretation would be ‘a dark blue car.’

Example of a Cartomancy Color Reading



The querent wants to know the color of the home she will end up buying. I choose the Ace of Hearts to represent the home, shuffle the cards while focusing on the question, and spread the shuffled deck face-up on the table. I look for the Ace of Hearts, and look to the cards on either side of the Ace for the color description.

The Queen represents a pattern: striped, checkered or plaid. The Four represents the color green. Of course it’s highly unlikely that the querent will purchase a home that is green checkered or plaid. When describing homes, the Queen will usually indicate brick (which is sort of a checkered pattern). The green probably indicates green trim. The querent will purchase a home with brick facing and green trim.


Cartomancy Health Reading

Health readings can be tricky, but if we trust the cards they will usually unravel the mystery of any health issue. I’d be remiss if I didn’t reiterate that it’s important to always keep in mind that unless you are a licensed health professional, you should never diagnose or prescribe. When presented with a health question, I always advise the client that I am not a health professional, and that I’m happy to relate what I see in the cards, and I encourage them to consult a physician for any health related concerns.

I recently received feedback on an interesting health reading that I thought I would share here on the blog. The client was a younger male– probably in his 20s, and although anxious for some information regarding his health concern, he was reluctant to elaborate on the problem. He asked what I saw in the cards regarding his ‘issue,’ but would not say more.

I was up for the challenge, and drew the following Answer Spread to address the vague question:


In the Answer Spread, the first column relates to the present or recent past in reference to the question. The two Jacks did not give me a lot of information, and I thought they may simply refer to client having been well (Jack of Clubs ♣ ) and then not so well (Jack of Spades ♠ ).

The center column holds the answer to the question. The 6 of Hearts ♥ refers to all things masculine, and based on the client’s reticence it immediately occurred to me that this must be a delicate masculine issue. In health readings the Ace of Diamonds ♦ can have several different meanings. It can represent a needle– and therefore, ‘a vaccination,’ or fire– and therefore, ‘a burning sensation.’

The third column will usually provide important information that should be considered. In health readings the 7 of Spades ♠ will usually refer to the need for some kind of medication, and as the pivot card it is a clear indication that medication will relieve the problem. The 10 of Diamonds ♦ should either describe the kind of medication, or it’s purpose. At first I was stumped by these cards. The 10 of Diamonds ♦ usually refers to the chest and lungs, and I’ve previously had this combination refer to cough medicine or an asthma inhaler. But the middle column seemed to point to some kind of infection, and so these ideas didn’t make a lot of sense. Then it hit me. The 10 of Diamonds ♦ refers to raw power– jet propulsion, atomic energy, nuclear fission– potentially destructive energies that are harnessed and used for good. Of course! The 10 ♦ and 7 ♠ refer to an antibiotic.

I asked the querent if he was experiencing pain while urinating, and he launched into a long diatribe about why he thinks he may have contracted an STD. At this point it occurred to me that the two jacks could be indicate the union which caused the problem.

I advised the that although I could not diagnose his problem, the cards do point to some kind of infection, and I urged him to see a doctor as soon as possible. The 7 of Spades ♠ as the pivot card indicates the need for medication, and also warns that the problem will worsen if it is not treated.

I had not heard back from the client, so I didn’t know what the medical diagnosis was, but this is one of those times when the cards seemed so clear in their message that I had no doubts that antibiotics were prescribed for some kind of infection.

Feedback: It was over a year before I heard back from this client. He thanked me for encouraging him to see a physician because he did in fact have a kidney infection. It turns out that it was not an STD. The infection was caused by a kidney stone that the client had no idea he had. The stone was too large to pass, and required surgery. I’m sharing this reading because it’s a perfect example of how important it is to encourage a client to see a doctor for any health concerns regardless of what may appear in the cards.

Cartomancy Health Reading: a Clogged Ear

Health readings can be a slippery slope. On the one hand, we want to meet our querent’s needs; but on the other hand, most of us are not health professionals, and we are not qualified to diagnose a health problem– neither are we qualified to offer medical advice. In fact, to do so is against the law in most countries. So what do we do?

I don’t shy away from health questions. I will advise the querent up front that I am not a health professional, and that a health matter should never be decided by a card reading. I remind the querent that even the best card readings can be only 80% accurate, and only a licensed health professional can diagnose and treat an ailment.

Having said that, what I will do is agree to look into the cards to see what they show about the health issue. Interestingly, I find that 9 times out of 10 the cards will suggest that the querent visit with a doctor. Even when that is not the case, I still encourage the querent to visit the doctor anyway. What I won’t do is offer a definitive diagnosis nor will I prescribe a treatment.

Happily in most cases when a querent asks about a health issue, he or she has already seen a doctor, and is interested in the outcome of the doctor’s prescribed treatment.

Sample Health Reading

The following reading was done for a family member. The querent is a young man who has recently recovered from a nasty head cold. Despite feeling healthy and strong, he is suffering from a lingering clogged ear. The querent asks…

Will the ear unclog on its own without having to see the doctor?

I drew the following line of 5  cards…


Who the heck are all these lovely ladies?

The reason I wanted to share this particular reading is because it illustrates a special combination that has appeared in my cards time and again. You probably won’t see this combination in any book; although (Who Knows?) you may because there is a universality to the card meanings. In any case, the combination I’m referring to is the 4 of spades surrounded by court cards. In my readings, this combination always signifies a communicable disease– a contagious illness that is passed from person to person. I have found that 99% of the time, when this combination appears in my cards, it indicates a viral infection (most common bacterial infections are not contagious) which ends up being the flu or the common cold.

My immediate thought is that the ear problem is due to the lingering effects of the head cold, and would probably not respond to antibiotics. (I should mention at this point that despite this suggestion I still encouraged the querent to visit the doctor if the ear continues to be a problem.)

So what about the ladies? Well, digging deeper into the spread, I see the Jack of Hearts as representing the querent himself and his body (health). The Queen of Spades is the infection that brought on the head cold (4 of Spades). The three queens in the spread represent gossip or advice. The Queen of Hearts is the mother or the wife. She represents care and love and nurturing. The Queen of Diamonds is full of good information. The combination suggests “old wive’s remedies.” The suits show that with proper care (heart) the problem will improve (diamond card ending the row). I suggested that the querent also talk with his mom and other female family members to ask if they have any home remedies that might help relieve the clogged ear.

Feedback: The querent did end up seeing his doctor. The doctor examined the nose, ears and throat, and said there was no redness or irritation visible. The doctor did not think there was a bacterial infection, but he was willing to prescribe an antibotic just in case. The querent declined the antibiotic since he has a history of antibiotics causing complications with his digestion. The querent mother (QH) suggested home remedies that she used on him when he was a child to help clear up (QD) the clog.

How to Interpret the Three Card Draw

The 3 Card Layout:

The 3 Card Layout is the perfect spread to use for daily guidance, or to answer a question quickly.   This layout provides a good amount of information regarding a specific question, topic or situation.  I like to use the 3 Card Layout at the end of a longer reading to address any questions the querent may still have, or to provide more information on a topic the querent wants to know more about.

For this layout I choose 3 cards at random and lay them out in the order in which I chose them.


The cards are then read from left to right like reading a sentence on a page: 

  • The first card can be read as “the premise” of the situation, or it may
    indicate the past influences on the matter.

  • The second card represents the actual question, problem or situation, and
    often reflects the current influences on the matter.

  • The third card indicates the outcome or result, and has the strongest
    effect on the final interpretation of the layout.

The interpretation of each card in the layout is influenced and modified by the card falling on top of it to the right.  The final card bears the most influence, and if a “good” card falls last, it can nullify the negative effects of any “bad” cards falling under it.  If the issue at hand is a specific question, the final card will provide the answer.

The action in the layout also moves from left to right:

  • The first card indicates what action the seeker takes.

  • The second card indicates what action the seeker shares.

  • The third card indicates what action the seeker receives.

For yes/no questions, 2 red cards indicate a “yes,” and two black cards indicate a “no.”

Sample 3-Card Layout:

Here is an example of an actual 3-Card Layout I did this morning, May 16, 2007.  I asked the cards a specific question about a female friend from college that I have not heard from in a couple of years.  My question was: “Will this friend contact me?”  Here are the  playing cards I pulled:


  • 4 of Clubs
  • 3 of Clubs
  • Queen of Diamonds

I was surprise at first by the Queen of Diamonds because I wouldn’t have immediately associated my friend with this particular card.  I did expect a queen to show up, but I guess I thought she would be more in line with my friend’s physical coloring.  But then I realized that the Queen of Diamonds is the best card to represent her energy and intelligence.

The 4 of Clubs can indicate a form of electronic communication such as a telephone call or an email.  So I can see right away that the cards are on track with answering my question.  Because the 4 of Clubs falls first, in the spot that would indicate me taking action, it looks like I’m going to be the one to initiate the contact and reconnect with my friend.

The 3 of Clubs indicates good luck and success, so if I make the effort to track her down, I should not have a problem finding her.  All Clubs indicate activity, thinking and talking, so it may be that I can reach my friend through other mutual acquaintances.  Also in the number 2 spot of “shared action,”  the 3 of Clubs would indicate that she’s been thinking about contacting me a well.

The Queen of Diamonds represents my friend, and as the final card also represents the outcome, result or answer to my question.  The red suits of the playing cards are usually considered positive, so the basic answer to my question is “yes.”  My friend will contact me, but only after I make an effort to reach her first.

Now I understand why the cards chose to represent my friend as the Queen of Diamonds as opposed to the expected Queen of Spades based on her dark hair and eyes.  If the Queen of Spades had fallen last, it would have indicated a definite “no” to my answer.  And this layout would have indicated that although I would probably have been successful in reaching her, she would not have responded to my contact.