Cartomancy Answer Spread: Finding the Lost Cat

The Cat Is Returned Home!

On March the 6th I posted a reading that I threw for clues to help locate my brother’s lost cat. The cat had escaped the house a few days earlier while furniture was being moved in. The cards offered some hints about where the cat might be found, but after weeks of fruitless searching we lost hope of ever finding the missing kitty. Imagine our immense surprise when the lost cat returned home today!

Really, I should not have been so surprised. The original reading I drew to ask if the cat would be found had indicated “yes,” the cat would indeed return home.

Here is the original reading that I mentioned in the previous article about locating the lost cat…


6S 7S JD
2D 4H 2C

My first impression of the reading was that the ratio of black cards to red is balanced. The cat would not be found easily, but there’s a good chance for success. The spades in particular are worrisome. They suggest obstacles and delays. The two 2’s jumped out at me. The 2’s are time cards, giving me the impression that the cat could be found within two days. But with the delays predicted by the double spades, I knew it could be two weeks before the cat returned home. I did not want to think about the cat being gone for two months, but of course that was still better than the cat never returning at all.

The Middle Column

I always look to the middle column of this Spread to find the answer to the question. When asking about a reconciliation, such as the return of a lost lover or recovering a missing pet, the key card I look for is the 4 of Hearts. It’s the card that indicates a union or a reunion.

Immediately I felt hopeful to find the 4 of Hearts in the answer column. The 7 of Spades shows delay, and a need for patience. The answer was clear that the cat would eventually come home. As predicted, she did return home today, within days of the two-week time frame. She was spotted by an elderly neighbor who contacted my brother.

The First Column

The first column sets the premise for the matter in question. The cards show movement, curiosity and independence. The curious kitty escaped (6 of Spades) and was out on her own nosing about (2 of Diamonds). The 2 of Diamonds is the perfect card to describe the cat because it suggests curiosity, independence, imagination and playfulness.

The Final Column

The final column provides important additional information, and shows that a young person (Jack of Diamonds) would offer assistance (2 of Clubs). Interestingly, the Jack of Diamonds also appeared in the subsequent reading that I posted previously to help divine the location of the missing cat. I still do not know who is represented by the Jack, but I’m convinced that someone has cared for the cat while she was away. The 2 of Clubs as the pivot card suggests that the cat would recieve a helping hand in returning home. Perhaps the cat has a guardian angel. After being gone for two weeks, she is a bit thin but otherwise in good condition. She is on her way today to see the vet just to make sure that all is well.