Cartomancy Answer Spread for Finding Lost Objects and Missing Pets

Where Is the Cat?

My brother’s cat ran away. He escaped on Tuesday morning while my brother was moving furniture into the house. My brother and several of his friends have been searching the neighborhood and the woods around his townhouse for the past three days, but there is no sign of the cat. My brother is worried, and he hopes that the cards may provide a clue about where to find the missing cat…


The Middle Column

In the Answer Spread, I always look to the middle column to find the answer to the question. Where is the cat? The Ace of Hearts is hearth and home. The 2 of Spades represents a separation. These cards shows that the cat ran away from home.  Well, of course the cat ran away…that is the whole purpose for the reading. I love how straightforward the cards can be when answering the question. Where is the cat? The cat ran away.  This combination of cards also suggests that the cat is removed from the area around of the home. In other words, the cat is not nearby, and will not be found in the surrounding neighborhood.

The First Column

The first column of cards provides a premise for the situation. These cards show that the cat is in an environment (5 of Diamonds) that is warm and safe and secure (10 of Hearts). This is good news. It suggests that the cat has not been harmed or injured. The 5 of Diamonds specifically suggests an urban environment. The 10H can point to a place where people go to relax and have fun. There is a busy street with businesses and food establishments not far from the sub-division where my brother’s townhouse is located. The 5 of Diamonds is also a card of attraction. The 10 of Hearts also corresponds to the compass direction south, which is exactly where the business district is located in reference to the townhouse. It seems likely that the cat has gone in that direction, perhaps attracted by the noise and the smell of food. This is helpful information because it provides an area to narrow the search. My feeling is that the cat may be hiding behind one of the food establishments on the strip.

Last Column

Finally, the last column will provide additional information to consider. The 2 of Hearts can represent the cat, and the Jack of Diamonds suggests that the cat may be in the care of a boy or young man. Or it may be that this person (my nephew?) will be the one to find the missing cat. It’s interesting because I did another reading in which I asked if the cat would return home. The same Jack of Diamonds appeared in the other reading, also in the last column, but with the 2 of Clubs suggesting help or assistance. For the Jack to appear in both readings is a sure sign to me that this person plays an important role in the situation. Fortunately, the 4 of Hearts appeared in the previous reading to indicate that the cat would return home…so we remain hopeful.

I will update when the cat is found.