The Lost Man Spread – Discovering the Baby’s Gender

This is a reading that I originally posted as a practice exercise on the Kapherus’ Blog Alumni Facebook group.

The querent is a 40 year old woman who is pregnant for the first time. She contacted me for a reading to help address her concerns regarding her high-risk pregnancy due to her age and general health. I was happy to note that the cards showed no problems or complications for the mother or the baby. For her final question the querent wanted to know if I could successfully predict the gender of the baby. She was only 10 weeks pregnant, too soon for a sonogram image to determine the baby’s gender.

For this question I used The Lost Man Spread. I learned this spread from The Playing Card Oracles book by Ana Cortez. For this spread a card is chosen to signify the theme of the question. For me, the Two of Hearts represents a child, so that is the card I chose as Significator. Then the cards are shuffled while focusing on the question. Finally the cards are spread face-up on the table to reveal the location of the Significator. The two or three cards appearing before the Significator, and the two or three card following the Significator are read for the answer to the question. Here are the cards that appeared with my chosen significator, the Two of Hearts…


The cards falling closest to the Significator will carry the most significance in answering the question. The 6 of Diamonds represents science and data and electronics. In health readings, this card will often represent a machine for medical diagnostics. The 7 of Spades is a card of problems, delays and a need for patience. I felt that in time the gender of the baby would be revealed by an imaging test, such as a sonogram. The 6 of Hearts represents all things masculine. To me it was a clear indicator that the baby is a boy. The King of Diamonds is a professional man. He could be a scientist or doctor or technician or spiritual leader. In health readings he will usually represent a doctor or medical technician.

Two weeks later, due to the high-risk nature of the querent’s pregnancy, her doctor advised a chromosome spectral analysis to ensure that the baby is not at risk for developing a genetic defect. The test returned normal and included information about the baby’s gender: It’s a boy!

In retrospect it occurs to me that the 7 of Spades could refer to a possible defect as the cause for the chromosome analysis (6D). The positive diamond following the spade hinted of a happy outcome.


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  1. Thanks for the spread and nice explanation.but How the cards are placed.i mean the sequence.

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