Mysteries of the Cartomancy Daily Card Draw

The Cartomancy Daily Card Draw can be a real mystery, and often it’s only in hindsight that we can understand the true message in the daily cards. Part of the problem is that– at least for me– the prediction in a daily draw may not always materialize on the day. Sometimes it can take two or three days, or even a week, before the message becomes clear. I have found that unless I journal my card draws, and review the readings regularly, it’s easy to miss the connection when the event materializes in my life.

I go back and check off the reading in my journal when a prediction materializes. Sometimes a daily draw never seems to materialize, but that is rare for me. I have very few card draws recorded in the journal that have not materialized.

Here’s a daily card draw that I was able to check off today. I drew these cards two days ago on Friday, August 8th, 2014, at 9:18 a.m….


AS + 10C + QC

Ace of Spades = a decision, an ending and a new beginning
10 of Clubs = business, a journey, water
Queen of Clubs = a female friend or colleague

My first impression was of a decision (AS) related to a business matter (10C) in connection with a female friend/colleague (QC). Then I considered that I might be asked (sometimes the AS will indicate “being asked” when the answer requires a decision) to go on a journey (10C), or to the pool (10C) or to the beach (10C) with a female friend (the QC is active, she wants to go somewhere or do something).

You see, the cards can mean different things, and it’s not always easy to determine which meaning or meanings apply. Sometimes the cards will mean more than just one thing, and each meaning will be equally valid and accurate.

Nothing made sense to me that day… no business decision, no decision about going on a trip. In fact, I didn’t even leave the house on Friday. It rained most of the afternoon, and I decided that the 10C (the water card) was probably referring to a rainy day. I’ve noticed that the cards will sometimes predict the weather in a daily draw.


Early this morning I received a call from my sister (QC) who asked me (AS) if I would watch her children today because she has the opportunity to spend the day on a friend’s boat (10C).

The message in Friday’s cards suddenly made perfect sense. So here I am now entertaining two young children while my sister sails off into the rising sun.

I strongly believe that drawing daily cards is the best way to learn how the cards speak to us. Most of the time the draw can only be understood in retrospect, but that’s okay because there is a lesson in every card draw.


5 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Cartomancy Daily Card Draw

  1. Hi Kaph,
    I also write down my dailies to come back and see how the cards interact. We do learn a lot about their meaning with this. In the example you gave, you would say that the AS came because the decision was yours to accept or not the request of your sister?
    Thanks for another wonderful post!

    1. Thank you, Fernanda, and you’re welcome. Yes, what affected me directly in the spread was the decision whether or not to agree to the request. The AS _ 10C would indicate that the boat trip was dependent on my decision.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I always draw daily cards but do not always record 😛 I am at the stage right now where too many bad cards have fallen and too many bad things have happened, so I sort of prefer not to see what’s going to happen (but I can’t resist not to pull any daily cards).

    It is funny how playing cards sometimes would even talk about bulb fusing and electrician coming over or predict some passers by asking the address of a man I have heard of but wouldn’t remember at the time. It would also show what will someone be talking about when they come over. I have also noticed that it always “fulfills”. It doesn’t fulfill only when we forget to keep the track and do not observe the environment enough or, in my case, when I draw dailies from ALL the different card reading systems that I am learning: playing cards, Lenormand, Tarot, oracle etc. All the spreads would reflect the same issue from the different perspectives but we would not be able to experience the power of only one deck as we would scatter our focus in all directions. SO yes, I have seen it happen, the way you write about it. Great post!!!! 🙂 (ES)

    1. Thank you for you comments, the fattriangle! Your experiences are exactly why I advise folks who want to learn Cartomancy to practice drawing daily cards. The cards will pick up on the major influences surrounding one’s life, as well as the minor routine matters. Analyzing the cards in retrospect is the best way I know how to learn to master the card meanings, and how the cards influence each other in a spread. Most importantly, it will teach you how the cards speak to you in an individual and personal way. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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