Ace of Hearts

Cartomancy Card Meanings and Combinations

Ace of Hearts


Suit Influence:

Love, emotions, feelings, romance, marriage, children, happiness, peace, contentment, comfort, compassion, compatibility, sympathy, empathy, sharing, family matters, relationships, friends, intimacy, rest, relaxation, amusement, entertainment, fun, fantasy, summer, warmth, laziness, pleasure, peace, calm, creativity, art, beauty, soul connections, religion, hope, healing, intuition, honesty, trust and goodwill.  

Romantic, loving, nurturing, sensitive, sensuous, emotional, intuitive, imaginative, creative, artistic, calm, empathetic, empathic, sympathetic, protective, parental, family-oriented, lovable, light-hearted, lazy, complacent, indulgent, self-indulgent, moody.

Number Influence:

The Number 1: New beginning, first, best, starting out, source, initiative, individuality, the self, solitude, leadership, the conscious mind and conscious control, will.

How to Read the Ace of  Hearts:

Traditionally the Ace of Hearts is a card of love. happiness and celebrations.  The Ace symbolism combined with the Heart symbolism may indicate the birth of a new love, or the beginning of an emotionally fulfilling period in the querent’s life.

The number 1 symbolizes the beginning, or source.  When combined with the suit of hearts, it denotes the source of one’s emotional support which in most cases is the home and the family.

The Ace of Hearts specifically symbolizes the home and domestic affairs. It can refer to the actual building in which one resides, or it can denote the idea of feeling comfortable and “at home.” It can describe your personal environment, your neighborhood, where you hang your hat. In a general sense the A♥ represents a strong foundation.

The A can indicate a change of residence, or a return home after being away for a period of time.  The A can refer to real estate and the sale or purchase of a home.  The  A can also represent a specific family member, or refer to one’s family in general.

My grandmother called the ALa Casa” which means “the house” or “home” in Italian.  For her this card would denote wherever a person held residence.  It could be a house, an
apartment, a hotel, or even a car if that was where the individual called “home.”  The surrounding card would reveal the current situation in the home, and any problems or changes affecting the querent’s home life.

The A is also a card of protection. I can remember my grandmother sliding an Ace
of Hearts inside the picture frame behind a photo before she hung it on the wall. She believed the Ace would protect the home and bring good luck.

Ace of Heart Characteristics:

The A will describe someone as: a family member, family-oriented, a homebody, a home owner, comfortable, ready to settle down and start a family, paternal, maternal, parental, neighborly, stable, grounded, strong.

Body Connection:

The A  represents the soul

Card multiples:

  • 2 Aces – Leadership and authority.
  • 3 Aces – an unexpected twist of fate.
  • 4 Aces – Major changes that affect every area of life.

Suggested Card Combinations with the Ace of Hearts:

A+ Face Card =  someone coming to the home, or someone who is home and family oriented.  The A with the K it would denote a builder or contractor. With a group of Face cards, the A would represent a family reunion, or a family celebration.


A + 2 = a pregnancy in the family, a domestic animal, a small house, a dog house, a doll house, pet habitat

A + 3 = beginning of a new relationship, a church, a house of worship, a religious group, spiritual connection to higher power, love in the home, a house party, decorating the home

A + 4 = housemate, sharing living quarters, a brothel

A + 5 = daughter’s home, girlfriend’s home, curtains, fabrics, wallpaper, carpeting.

A + 6 = son’s home, male friend’s home, a love nest, family trust, a soulmate, family karma

A + 7 = second home, or two-family dwelling, a surprise comes to the home

A + 8 = neighbor, roommate, living together, household spirit, loving family

A + 9 = home and hearth, happy home, family wishes

A + 10 = summer home, the roof of the house, family compatibility


A+ A = a mortgage, or a contract on the sale or purchase of a home, the basement in the home

A + 2♣ = household help, maid, cleaning woman, maintenance man

A + 3♣ = garden, yard, a greenhouse, neighborhood

A + 4♣ = motor home, home garage, landline telephone

A + 5♣ = home in the country, housework

A + 6♣ =  family advice, a home gym

A + 7♣ = home repairs, a family discussion/argument

A + 8♣ = work from home, housework, family meeting, daily routine in the home

A + 9♣ = vacation home, travel lodge, motel, hotel, home away from home, going on vacation

A + 10♣ = real estate business, home based business, beach house, vacation home


A + A♠ = a family decision, loss in the family

A + 2♠ = selling the home. anger or annoying problems in the home, household pests

A + 3♠ = growing problem in the home, meddlesome family member, losing one’s home

A + 4♠ = structural problems in the home, cramped household, quarantine, smothering family, a sick family member

A + 5♠ = leaving home, moving, unhappy home

A + 6♠ = a mobile home, moving out, plumbing, septic system

A + 7♠ = problems in the home, an abandoned house, a crack house, a drug house

A + 8♠ = a home inspection, disappointments in the family

A + 9♠ = damage to the home, a dilapidated house, a condemned house

A + 10♠ = winter home, the floor in the home, a haunted house


A + A = remodeling the home, changes in the home

A + 2 = family dinner, home insurance. rent payment

A + 3 = time share rental, temporary home, vagabond

A + 4 = home office, rental home, apartment, condo

A + 5 = a home in the city, furnishings for the home, land, acreage

A + 6 = a home computer,  jealousy in the home, a stubborn or possessive family member, erratic behavior in the home

A + 7 = a showroom home, an expensive home, a wealthy family, a famous house

A + 8 = household budget, windows (eyes of the home)

A + 9♦ electrical wiring in the home, mortgage payment

A + 10 = a luxury home, a home investment, family nest egg, home equity


Mysteries of the Cartomancy Daily Card Draw

The Cartomancy Daily Card Draw can be a real mystery, and often it’s only in hindsight that we can understand the true message in the daily cards. Part of the problem is that– at least for me– the prediction in a daily draw may not always materialize on the day. Sometimes it can take two or three days, or even a week, before the message becomes clear. I have found that unless I journal my card draws, and review the readings regularly, it’s easy to miss the connection when the event materializes in my life.

I go back and check off the reading in my journal when a prediction materializes. Sometimes a daily draw never seems to materialize, but that is rare for me. I have very few card draws recorded in the journal that have not materialized.

Here’s a daily card draw that I was able to check off today. I drew these cards two days ago on Friday, August 8th, 2014, at 9:18 a.m….


AS + 10C + QC

Ace of Spades = a decision, an ending and a new beginning
10 of Clubs = business, a journey, water
Queen of Clubs = a female friend or colleague

My first impression was of a decision (AS) related to a business matter (10C) in connection with a female friend/colleague (QC). Then I considered that I might be asked (sometimes the AS will indicate “being asked” when the answer requires a decision) to go on a journey (10C), or to the pool (10C) or to the beach (10C) with a female friend (the QC is active, she wants to go somewhere or do something).

You see, the cards can mean different things, and it’s not always easy to determine which meaning or meanings apply. Sometimes the cards will mean more than just one thing, and each meaning will be equally valid and accurate.

Nothing made sense to me that day… no business decision, no decision about going on a trip. In fact, I didn’t even leave the house on Friday. It rained most of the afternoon, and I decided that the 10C (the water card) was probably referring to a rainy day. I’ve noticed that the cards will sometimes predict the weather in a daily draw.


Early this morning I received a call from my sister (QC) who asked me (AS) if I would watch her children today because she has the opportunity to spend the day on a friend’s boat (10C).

The message in Friday’s cards suddenly made perfect sense. So here I am now entertaining two young children while my sister sails off into the rising sun.

I strongly believe that drawing daily cards is the best way to learn how the cards speak to us. Most of the time the draw can only be understood in retrospect, but that’s okay because there is a lesson in every card draw.