Cartomancy Daily Draw – Internet Problems

Today I drew the following three cards for insight and inspiration…


Jack of Clubs – a dark-haired young man, a friend, communication
6 of Diamonds – stress, unsettled situation, electronic equipment, computer
7 of Spades – delay, frustration, problem, need for caution, medication

I immediately knew what these cards are alluding to…


I’ve been having trouble with my internet since the cable company switched out my old modem for one that also supports my internet phone service. I’ve been experiencing delays, and it’s been very frustrating indeed!

Then another possible meaning jumped out at me…

A hyperactive child on medication, and the medication seems to be making the problems worse rather than better.

And a third possibility…

Verbal messages about money causing aggravation and frustration.

My phone jack was finally installed this morning (again the “jack” symbolism with the JC), and all morning I’ve been taking calls from creditors who are trying to reach the previous owner of my new phone number. I’m considering requesting a different number, but I really like the number I have for both mnemonic and numerological reasons.

Lots of possibilities…

I will post feedback if anything else happens today to validate these cards.

Feedback 12-12-12 @ 7:59 am

I’m not sure if these cards were referring to the continued internet problems I’m experiencing or the seven (7S) phone calls I received yesterday from creditors and solicitors looking for the previous owner of my new phone number– probably both.


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  1. Thats very very interesting info. Especially the timing method that you use its very accurate.
    I’d like you to read my cards ! If possible , please reply so we can communicate !


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