Who Will Win the X Factor Season 2?

Tonight is the finale of the X Factor, and I did a couple of quick readings to see if the cards could predict who will win the competition…


Even after all my years of working with the playing cards, I’m still awed by the beauty and synchronicity in a simple card layout. For these readings I chose the Answer Spread.

I generally expect to find the answer to my question in the middle column of cards in this spread. Looking at the two readings side-by-side, the correlations and parallelisms become obvious. Both readings are answer with a Club topped by a Queen, and the 4 of Hearts appears in both readings in the exact same position. Coincidence? I think not.

The first column of the Answer Spread sets the premise of the reading, and reveals how the past influences the current circumstances. In Carly Rose’s reading the 6 of Spades and 4 of Diamonds reveal the sacrifices she has made to get reach the X Factor stage and a spot in the final two. Tate’s reading shows that he too has had to make sacrifices. The 8 of Clubs and 2 of Spades show that he walked away from a secure job. He too has a lot invested in this competition.

The Middle column answers the question. In Carly Rose’s reading, the 7 of Clubs shows that she has had to work hard to get to the finale, and the road has not been easy. She is serious about her singing career, and she has invested everything she has in coming out on top. Unfortunately, the Queen of Spades does not promise a positive outcome. When this queen does not represent a woman, she can symbolize a separation or a disappointed. The cards predict that despite pouring her heart and soul into her performances, Carly Rose will experience a disappointment tonight.

Looking at Tate’s middle column, the 6 of Clubs shows that he has come into his own during the competition. He has the ability to communicate his emotions through his music. The Queen of Clubs, when she does not represent a woman, represents personal power and success. The cards predict that Tate will shine on finale night.

The final column reveals contributing factors, or provides additional information. The future looks promising for both acts. For Carly Rose, the 4 of Hearts and Ace of Clubs show a deal and a contract. I believe she will get a record deal despite not winning the competition. In Tate’s reading the 4 of Hearts also shows a deal, and the Queen of Diamonds represents rewards– as the winner of the X Factor, he will be awarded the 5 million dollar recording contract, a music video, a the Pepsi commercial.

I also did a spread for the third act in the finale, 5th Harmony. I did not notice any significant parallelisms when comparing their reading with the previous two. The middle column showed the 10 of Diamonds and the 6 of Spades indicating an end to their successful run on the show. I took this to mean that this talented group of ladies would be third runner up. I was saddened because 5th Harmony was my personal favorite, and I was rooting for them to take the win.

Feedback 12/21/12 10:15 am
The Winner of the X Factor Season 2 is Tate Stevens!

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    1. Hi Lynette,
      Interpreting the Court Cards can be tricky because I don’t really have set meanings that I use for each face card. I do have general guidelines that I’m happy to share.

      Look for a post soon on Art of Cartomancy with more on the Characteristics of the Court Cards when they don’t represent people.


    1. Thank you! I totally forgot about this reading! I used to enjoy predicting the outcome of reality tv shows. Then I stopped watching them for awhile. I’m currently watching Big Brother, so I may try some predictive readings again!

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