Cartomancy Daily Draw – A Wish and a Phone Call

Today I drew the following cards…


9 of Hearts – Wish, hope, desire, victory
3 of Diamonds – part-time work, some money, need for more effort
4 of Clubs – phone call, vehicle, meeting

They awfully look familiar, no?

I drew two of the same cards from yesterday, in exactly the same order. The probability of drawing two specific cards from a deck of 52 is less than 4/10ths of a percent. I don’t even know the probability of choosing those cards in the same order, but it has to be approaching zero percent!

I don’t believe in coincidence, so the cards are talking, but what are they saying?

Looking back at yesterday’s prediction, it makes good sense, but now I also see that those cards could be referring to my wish (9H) to have my friend (kH) install that phone (4C) line. I’m honestly not obsessing over it, so I have no idea why this event keeps showing up in the cards.

Today’s cards could also show a wonderful opportunity for part-time work coming through a phone call, or possibly dealing with phone work.

It’s not always easy to decipher the daily draws, so I’m keeping my mind open on this one!

Feedback 12/21/12 4:03 pm

Ah ha! The message in these cards is revealed at last! My sister picked up a cordless phone (4C)  for me today– the exact one that I wanted (9H). In this case the 3D is referring to a small electrical/electronic appliance to indicate that the 4C represents an actual phone rather than a phone call!