Cartomancy Daily Draw – A Happy Visit

I drew exceptionally good cards this morning…


9 of Hearts – dream, wish, desire, victory, success
King of Hearts – father figure, protector, good counsel
4 of Clubs – a vehicle, a telephone call, a visit

The King of Hearts is my significator card, but I have the impression that he represents someone else in this spread since the 4 of clubs falling last shows that I receive a phone call or visit from this man. He could be a family member or a good friend. So wish fulfillment comes  from a man and a phone call, or the man will bring something I desire in his vehicle.

Now I need to tone the message down a good bit since daily cards are never as dramatic as a full reading. My brother is supposed to drop by today for a visit, and these cards could simply refer to good companionship with my brother during his visit.

Update 10:29 pm

I was surpised that my brother (KH) did not come by for a visit today, but I did speak with him on the phone (4C). He confirmed that he will have Christmas dinner at my place instead of spending the holiday with his ex-wife and children. He will visit with his kids in the morning, and then head over to my house in the afternoon for dinner. This was happy news, and something I was hoping (9H) to hear, so I’m sure that’s what today’s cards were about.