Cartomancy Daily Draw – Business Deal Gone Sour

This morning I drew the following cards…

King of Clubs – Business man
10 of Clubs – a business transaction
Jack of Spades – bad news, misinformation, false message

I want to say that I know what these cards are about today, but after the surprise in yesterday’s daily cards,  I’m a bit reluctant to pigeon-hole this daily draw. I have scheduled a technician to come and install an internet phone jack in my bedroom this morning, and that is what these cards immediately brought to mind.

It strikes me that the “Jack” of Spades could represent the phone “jack.” I don’t know what the bad news is about, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough!

Update 7:14 pm

The cable tech came and set up the internet phone in the office, and the bad news was that to run the additional line to install a phone jack in my bedroom would have been an extra $40. I have a friend who installs alarms for a living, and he said that he would run the line and install the jack for me for free. So I opted not to have the cable tech install the additional jack.

The Jack of Spades also indicates delays, and my friend won’t be able to run the line until the weekend.

The black “Jack” showed problems and delays with having the phone “jack” installed, exactly as predicted!