Daily Draw – Upsetting News

This morning for my daily draw I pulled the following three cards…


Ace of Diamonds – News, a letter

10 of Spades – Worry, difficulties, fear

Ace of Clubs – Document, papers to be signed

I believe this morning’s cards refer to a situation I’m already aware of regarding an upsetting letter I received on Saturday. I was given notice that when my lease expires on February 1st, my rent will go up $100 a month. In addition to the financial burden this increase will cause, I have discovered that I can find larger quarters for the same rent elsewhere in town. The problem is that moving can be costly with deposits and such, and I’m not in a financial position to make a move at the present time with the holidays just around the corner. This is something very much on my mind, so it’s not surprising that it would show up in the cards.

Update 7:04 pm

The cards are an amazing tool whose insight and accuracy are limited only by the skill of the reader. In my own defense, reading for oneself can be tricky. I was so sure at first glance what these cards meant that I didn’t bother to read the subtleties present in the spread.

The 10 of Spades can be a mystery or something hidden or an error. The double Aces confirm this idea since two of a kind always indicate the unexpected. The Ace of Diamonds was not referring to the letter I received on Saturday, but to something new, some additional news.

I called the rental agency today to ask why my rent is being increased by $100 when I’ve only been here a year, and in my opinion I’ve been an exemplary tenant.  The agent seemed confused, and assured me that they had no intention of raising my rent a penny. Apparently the amount stated in the renewal letter was an error.

It was all right there in the cards!