Cartomancy Daily Draw – Internet Problems

Today I drew the following three cards for insight and inspiration…


Jack of Clubs – a dark-haired young man, a friend, communication
6 of Diamonds – stress, unsettled situation, electronic equipment, computer
7 of Spades – delay, frustration, problem, need for caution, medication

I immediately knew what these cards are alluding to…


I’ve been having trouble with my internet since the cable company switched out my old modem for one that also supports my internet phone service. I’ve been experiencing delays, and it’s been very frustrating indeed!

Then another possible meaning jumped out at me…

A hyperactive child on medication, and the medication seems to be making the problems worse rather than better.

And a third possibility…

Verbal messages about money causing aggravation and frustration.

My phone jack was finally installed this morning (again the “jack” symbolism with the JC), and all morning I’ve been taking calls from creditors who are trying to reach the previous owner of my new phone number. I’m considering requesting a different number, but I really like the number I have for both mnemonic and numerological reasons.

Lots of possibilities…

I will post feedback if anything else happens today to validate these cards.

Feedback 12-12-12 @ 7:59 am

I’m not sure if these cards were referring to the continued internet problems I’m experiencing or the seven (7S) phone calls I received yesterday from creditors and solicitors looking for the previous owner of my new phone number– probably both.


Cartomancy Daily Draw – Money Decision

This morning I drew the following cards…

Jane Lyle’s Fortune Teller’s Deck

4 of Diamonds – financial matters, checkbook, bank account, credit card
Ace of Spades – anxiety, stress, the need for a decision
9 of Clubs – good luck, travel, distance, forward movement

I think I was expecting something significant to show up in the cards today to mark the end of the Mayan calendar. These cards seem rather mundane. Well, at least there’s no more talk of phone calls!

I see anxiety over a financial matter. Yikes, it could be some trouble with my checking account. The 9C could refer to a transaction. The a Club ending the spread shows good luck and all will end well.

Feedback 12/22/13 @ 10:31 am
The daily draws are endlessly fascinating, but they are also quite tricky because they usually refer to something very mundane and ordinary, and there is the tendency to want to see something bigger and more significant in the cards, especially when reading for ourselves.  Sometimes the daily cards will simply refer to something we hear about, or something we talk about, and that turned out to be the case with these cards.

This card draw refers to a conversation I had last night with my brother-in-law who is considering closing his bank accounts and moving his business to a new bank that offers significantly better benefits. He thought I should consider doing the same. The 4D = the bank account, the AS = an ending and a new beginning or a decision, and the 9C = a transfer or move. The Club falling last can indicate that this is something that is talked about (clubs are usually verbal communication, and diamonds are written communication).

It will take more than a few perks to entice me away from the bank I’ve been doing business with for most of my adult life, so it’s a mystery to me why the cards would pick up on this conversation when there were so many other events in my day that could have been highlighted. Perhaps a message from the guides that this new bank is worth a look.

Who Will Win the X Factor Season 2?

Tonight is the finale of the X Factor, and I did a couple of quick readings to see if the cards could predict who will win the competition…


Even after all my years of working with the playing cards, I’m still awed by the beauty and synchronicity in a simple card layout. For these readings I chose the Answer Spread.

I generally expect to find the answer to my question in the middle column of cards in this spread. Looking at the two readings side-by-side, the correlations and parallelisms become obvious. Both readings are answer with a Club topped by a Queen, and the 4 of Hearts appears in both readings in the exact same position. Coincidence? I think not. Continue reading “Who Will Win the X Factor Season 2?”

Cartomancy Daily Draw – A Wish and a Phone Call

Today I drew the following cards…


9 of Hearts – Wish, hope, desire, victory
3 of Diamonds – part-time work, some money, need for more effort
4 of Clubs – phone call, vehicle, meeting

They awfully look familiar, no?

I drew two of the same cards from yesterday, in exactly the same order. The probability of drawing two specific cards from a deck of 52 is less than 4/10ths of a percent. I don’t even know the probability of choosing those cards in the same order, but it has to be approaching zero percent! Continue reading “Cartomancy Daily Draw – A Wish and a Phone Call”

Cartomancy Daily Draw – A Happy Visit

I drew exceptionally good cards this morning…


9 of Hearts – dream, wish, desire, victory, success
King of Hearts – father figure, protector, good counsel
4 of Clubs – a vehicle, a telephone call, a visit

The King of Hearts is my significator card, but I have the impression that he represents someone else in this spread since the 4 of clubs falling last shows that I receive a phone call or visit from this man. He could be a family member or a good friend. So wish fulfillment comes  from a man and a phone call, or the man will bring something I desire in his vehicle.

Now I need to tone the message down a good bit since daily cards are never as dramatic as a full reading. My brother is supposed to drop by today for a visit, and these cards could simply refer to good companionship with my brother during his visit.

Update 10:29 pm

I was surpised that my brother (KH) did not come by for a visit today, but I did speak with him on the phone (4C). He confirmed that he will have Christmas dinner at my place instead of spending the holiday with his ex-wife and children. He will visit with his kids in the morning, and then head over to my house in the afternoon for dinner. This was happy news, and something I was hoping (9H) to hear, so I’m sure that’s what today’s cards were about.